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Part #: D51615-3411

Model: EMPFR


Curtiss Wright

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  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Installation in any attitude
  • Compact size, low weight
  • Fast data recovery (FDR data < 1.5min, CVR data
  • < 2min) using Ethernet interface direct to network or PC
  • Meets and exceeds EUROCAE ED112
  • EASA and FAA approved to TSO-C123b and TSOC124b


Power: 28Vdc, 12W max Locator beacon: Fitted with miniature ultrasonic locator beacon, to TSO-C121
Cooling: Free air convection, no forced cooling Connector: MIL-C-38999 Series III
Environmental: RTCA/DO-160F Operating temperature: -55°C to +71°C
Storage temperature: -55°C to +85°C Altitude: -1500ft to +55,000ft
CVR DURATION: 4 channels x 120 minutes AUDIO BANDWIDTH: 150Hz to 3.5kHz (3 voice channels),150Hz to 6.0kHz (single area-microphone channel)
PLAYBACK: Off-aircraft high-speed download of complete CVR record using,Ethernet interface to portable PC or recovery device DATA LINK: TSO-C177
FAULT REPORTING: Via discrete output or via web, status pages., Internal CVR/FDR synchronization,18V output power for CCU FDR DURATION: 25 hours (at 512 words/sec)
fdau interface: Harvard bi-phase in accordance with ARINC 573/717 data rates: 64, 128, 192, 256, 384, 512 and 1024wps
relay: Real-time output of recorded data using ARINC 573/717 interface, On-or off-aircraft high speed downloads of complete FDR record using Ethernet interface into  mass: <7.7lb (3.5kg) including Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB)
software level: RTCA/DO-178B Level D hardware level: RTCA/DO-254 Level D
mtbf: 20000 hours - fixed wing, 8000 hours - rotary wing deep water immersion: 60MPa (20,000ft
impact: 3,400g for 6.5msec crash protection: Exceeds ED-112,TSO-C123b,TSO C124b
high temp fire: 1,100°C for 60 minutes low temp fire: 260°C for 10 hours
static crush: 2,270kg for 5 minutes penetration: 227kg from 3m
dimension: H 3.5” (89mm) x L 10.9” (277mm) x W 4.6” (118mm) including ULB    



- Enhanced Multi Purpose Flight Recorder
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