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Model: PA-34

Dallas Avionics - Radio Interface Unit
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Dallas Avionics

  • Radio Interface Unit


Temperature Range: -40 to +70 Degrees C (Ambient) Altitude: 15,000 ft. Max
Humidity: 95% Non-Condensing power: +12 to +128VDC at less than 200mA Max (or)
+20 to +33VDC at less than 200mA
Case is isolated to act as a shield
interface logic: Ground seeking input for relay key line.
Outputs 2 sets of uncommitted double throw,
2-Ampere contacts.
interface audio: RX input 2V typical at 8-100 ohms. Outputs on 150/600
ohm line (floating) with at least 200mW. Microphone
interface accepts all types of microphones, with or
without excitation and outputs as either a Hi-level or
Low-level microphone impedance signal.


- Radio Interface Unit
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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