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Part #: 43100G-02

Model: DC PRO-XP


David Clark


Headset (ENC, Panel Mount)

Part Number :

  • DC Pro Headset - ENC & Panel Mount version
  • Active noise reduction with 'feed-forward' and 'feed-back' technology
  • External microphone on dome picks up noise from the outside, before reaching the ear for superior noise attenuation
  • Dual voice coil drivers provide fail safe operation to ensure full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology ensures high-fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology affords seamless integration for connecting to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal electronic devices
  • Dual volume controls knobs located on domes
  • Light, yet rugged magnesium alloy headband and suspension
  • Adjustable suspension assembly for personalized fit
  • Plush, leatherette head pad with breathable, vented design
  • Ultra-soft, Dura-stitched, leatherette ear seals with supra-aural (rest on ear) design provide personalized fit and eliminate heat buildup for greater comfort
  • Swivel hinge stirrups for secure, comfortable fit
  • M-55 electret microphone for enhanced noise cancelling
  • Full flex boom for precise microphone placement
  • 5ft straight cord with dual plugs
  • Collapsible design for compact storage in David Clark branded headset bag (included)
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty
  • TSO-C139 Approved
Supra-aural design: Lightweight, comfortable design with passive attenuation rotating boom mic: Allows for easy placement in left or right side positions
Hybrid electronic noise cancellation: Provides active noise cancellation

bluetooth wireless:

Seamless integration for connection to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal devices
dual volume controls: Touch-key provides selectable volume levels

Dual Voice Coil Earphone Drivers Provide Fail-SafE Operation:

Ensures full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
digital signal processing (DSP) Technology: Provides high fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening

audio mute:

Reduces auxiliary audio volume and prevents missed communications
stereo/mono selection: Compatible with all aircraft audio panel configurations

faa tso c-139:

Meets or exceeds all TSO requirements
Part Number model Headset Description:
43100G-01 DC PRO-X ENC
43100G-02 DC PRO-XP ENC, Panel Mount
43101G-01 DC PRO Passive


- Dual Ear, 6-Pin Panel Mount, ENC Headset
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