D2729B003 D2-729B003

Ducommun - Coaxial Switch (TCAS)
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  • Traffic Collision Alerting System (TCAS) Switch
  • Switch high frequency RF signals between the top and bottom fuselage mounted antennas and numbers 1 & 2 system transponders
  • Is directly applicable to all TCAS systems, such as Honeywell & Rockwell Collins
  • FMA PMA Certified Switches for TCAS & ADS-B Applications
  • Air Agency Certification No.: D5YR708X
  • Additional microwave switch applications - SATCOM and GPS Applications


Contact Arrangement: SPDT Operating Frequency: DC to 2 GHz
V.S.W.R.: 1.3:1 Insertion Loss (max): 0.25 dB
Isolation (min): 60 dB Actuating Voltage: 22-30 Vdc (28 Vdc nominal)
Actuating Current: 400 mA max @ 28 Vdc & 20° C Impedance: 50 Ohms
Switching Time: 35 mS max RF Power Handling: 200 WCW
Operating Mode: Failsafe w/indicators Operating Life:  1,000,000 cycles
Current of Ground Port B & C: 5 mA (max) Weight: 11.5 oz
Connectors: P1 > TNC (F) per MIL-C-39012 P2 > N (F) per MIL-C-39012 P3 > C (F) per MIL-C-39012    


- Coaxial Switch (TCAS)
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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In installations where two TDR-94D transponders are used, but space is not available to install four antennas, special relays can be used to operate the two TDR-94D transponders with only two antennas. This configuration can also be used to operate two TDR-94 transponders with one antenna. The diagram below shows a Coaxial Switch from Ducommun (P/N: D2-729B002) completing the configuration. The described PN has been replaced by a more recent version, D2-729B003. This new version is available from Southeast Aerospace.