Part #: 01N65901

Model: ADT 406 AF/AP-H

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  • Compact, light weight, stand alone  
  • Compatible with all user Protocol and location protocol 
  • Automatic/Fixed ELT operating on three frequencies  
  • Enhanced safety: 2 antennas (primary & back up) 
  • Connection to cockpit Remote Control Panel (see RCP Range) 
  • Connection to On board GPS via optional navigation interface 
  • Capability to transmit GPS location data  
  • 45° «G-switch» for helicopter use to facilitate installation 
  • Easy maintenance: An identification module keeps aircraft identification on board. No programming tool needed 
  • Easy installation: Same drilling holes as models ELT A06V2/A06
  • Automatic/Fixed type
  • For helicopter application
  • Visual and aural indicator
  • Identification Module 
  • Selectable automatic activation direction
  • No false activation induced by EM
  • Dual antenna access




73 mm (2,87 in)

width: 160 mm (6,30 in)
WEIGHT with back-up antenna:

1.6 kg (3,53 lb)

Back-up antenna lenght: Max 200 mm (7,87 in)
lenght: 234 mm (9,21 in)
operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C (-4 F to +131°F)
transmission power:

5 W

frequency: 406,028MHz
transmission duration: 440 or 520 ms
transmission recurrence: 50s ± 2.5 s
modulation: “L” two-phase


- Emergency Locator (Helicopter)
Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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