Part #: DMN27-2

Model: DMN27-2

Exelis - Marker Beacon Antenna (Female C conn)
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Part Number :

DM N27-2
  • Marker Beacon Antenna
  • Rugged, lightweight antenna for the reception of 75 MHz marker beacon signals
  • Designed for simple external mounting requiring no cutting of airframe structural members
  • Largest hole required in the skin is for the connector
  • Low drag
  • Moisture proofing is assured by the dielectric foam filled, white polyester-fiberglass radomes
  • Skydrol resistant housings fitted with metal leading edges for erosion protection
  • Designed to meet the performance specifications of antennas AT-134 and AT-536
  • Federal and Military Specs: TSO C35c, MIL-T-5422E


Frequency Range:

74.75 to 75.25 MHz

Center Frequency: 75.0 MHz
VSWR (at midband): <1.5:1 <5.0:1 (74.8-75.2 MHz) VSWR curve stable: -65° to +160° F
Gain (relative to isotropic): -9 dB Impedance: 50 Ohms
Polarization: Horizontal Connector: C (female)
Weight: 10 oz. Construction: Dielectric foam filled fiberglass housing with metal leading edge



DM N25-1 Diagram


Part NumberMarker Beacon Antenna Description:
DM N27-1/A Same as above except connector type is TNC (female)
DM N27-2 see details above
DM N27-3 Same as above except connector type is BNC (female)


- Marker Beacon Antenna (Female C conn)
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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