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Part #: FD420CV Ver HD

Model: FD420CV Ver HD




42" HD Widescreen LCD

Part Number :
FD420CV Ver HD
  • The FD420CV Ver HD is a 42” High-Definition Widescreen LCD which has features that allow installation in the smallest of mounting areas with the minimum of interface equipment
  • HD is the best available resolution for use with the PlayStation 3 in our exclusive docking station or a Blu-ray player
  • Has 2 HDMI inputs, HD movies and games are now in-flight at an altitude near you
  • Built to easily mount directly on a bulkhead
  • No expensive switching required, 5 inputs included
  • 2 HDMI inputs for HD sources such as PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray DVD players
  • The FD420CV Ver HD, 42″ Widescreen LCD utilizes a state of the art digital video decoding chipset for the analog video input.
  • There are FIVE video source inputs available
  • They are in order of picture quality: (2)HDMI (Hi-Def video, such as Blu-Ray DVD or Playstation 3), (1)VGA (computer graphics like Moving Maps), (1) S-Video and (1) Composite Video (DVD, camera or VCR). Both NTSC and PAL formats are auto-detected.
  • VGA for the Flight Display Moving Map and computer graphics
  • 1 Composite/1 S-Video input for DVD, Glareshield camera and more
  • Controls on unit or use included IR remote to switch video source, adjust preferences, etc
  • RS-485 interface for integration with aircraft switching
  • The FD420CV Ver HD can also be connected to existing video switchers and use only a composite video input from a selector interface box.
  • In this case, the IR remote will only be used to set up the screen after installation. E.g. adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
  • The LCD is protected with a .125” Lexan lens. The purpose of this lens is to prevent scratching of the LCD and reduce glare.
  • The FD420CV Ver HD is made of all metal components
Weight: 43 lbs display brightness: 500 cd/m²
POWER: 28VDC@ 10.2 Amps VIEWING ANGLE: 178° on Both Axis
pc & video  input: VGA (High Density DB-15 Connector), S-Video, Composite, HDMI (2) display size: 36.7”(W) x 20.7”(H)
materials: Aluminum SCREEN resolutions: 1920x1080 WUXGA
DIMENSIONS: 40”(W) x 24.8”(H) x 2.55”(D)    



FD420CV Ver HD
- 42" HD Widescreen LCD
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