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Part #: FD932DVD-LP-3-AV

Model: FD932DVD-LP-3-AV




DVD/CD/MP3/USB/SD Player with Aux Inputs

Part Number :
  • The FD932DVD-LP-3 and FD932DVD-LP-3-AV multi-media disc players provide high-resolution images with high quality surround sound effects
  • The FD932DVD-LP-3-AV provides AV inputs located on the front of the unit for connecting an external video or audio source
  • A switch on the front allows the user to select between the DVD player and the auxiliary input
  • Our Low Profile DVD players support discs with the following audio and coding: DVD/SVCD/VCD1.0, 2.0 (micro laser Video/ Audio disc), CD-DA (common music laser CD), MP3 audio disc
  • MPEG4 support: DivX3.11/4.02/5.02/5.03/5.05/DivX Pro/ XviD/Subtitiles .srt.sub
  • Video format: MPEG1, MPEG2
  • Audio format: DOLBY Digital
  • Multi-language option on screen menu (DVD supports up to 32 language captions)
  • High quality images with over 500 line horizontal resolution
  • Last memory function
  • Multi-angle viewing: users can select different viewing options of their choice (close angle, full view, etc)


  • DO-160 Section 4, Cat A -Temperature & Altitude
  • DO-160 Section 7, Cat B -Operating Shocks & Crash Safety
  • DO-160 Section 8, Cat S -Vibration
  • DO-160 Section 21, Cat B -EMC/EMI
  • DO-160 Section 26, Cat C -Fire, Flammability
Weight: 1.5 lbs. Dimensions: -3: 7.0” (W) x 1.00” (H) x 7.82” (D) -3-AV: 7.0” (W) x 1.96” (H) x 7.82” (D)
POWER: 12VDC @ .6 Amps 28VDC @ .3 Amps OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -10°C to +60° C
VIDEO outPUT: (1) Composite, (1) S-Video VIDEO outPUT resolution: >500 lines, horizontal resolution
materials: Aluminum, Steel audio signal: 2V P-P
video output signal (volts): 1.0V P-P operational current: 0.35 Amps > 2 milliseconds
audio output: Analog, Stereo L/R input voltage: 28 Volts
storage temperature: -20° C to +70° C remote: IR included, with additional 3.5mm jack for external IR
finish: Powder Coat playable discs: DVD/SVCD/VCD1.0, 2.0 (micro laser Video/ Audio disc), CD-DA (common music laser CD), MP3 audio disc
inrush current: Inrush Spike: 19 Amps < 300 microseconds 2 Amps @ 700 microseconds Steady State: 0.35 Amps > 2 milliseconds    





- DVD/CD/MP3/USB/SD Player with Aux Inputs
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