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Part #: FLX-6688B




Rod Antenna w/ Tuner (66-88 MHz)

Part Number :

  • Low Band Antenna Tuner and High Gain whip rod antenna
  • Delivers increased efficiency from 66 to 88 Mhz
  • Automatic tuning, frequency lock and a cockpit tune light are provided
  • Light, compact and easily installed
  • Designed for Helicopters and low speed aircraft
Power Input: 28VDC Power Consumption: 1 amp Tuning .05 amp Standby
Tune Range: 66 to 88 Mhz Power Capability: 5 – 50 Watts
Antenna Length: 26" Indicators: Cockpit Tuning Lamp
System Weight: 3 lbs. Approx. Tuner Dinensions: 7.5” x 4” x 2.5
Part NumberAntenna Description:
FLX-6688B see details above


7.5” x 4” x 2.5
- Rod Antenna w/ Tuner (66-88 MHz)
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