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Part #: 84327-02-100B

Model: 1203

FreeFlight - GPS WAAS Remote Sensor (Unit only)
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1203 GPS/WAAS Sensor
  • Provides position, velocity and time to an integrated navigation system
  • Provides integrity through the use of Fault Detection and Exclusion
  • Supports oceanic and domestic en route, terminal, non-precision approach, and departure operations
  • Twelve-channel receiver with low susceptibility to comm radio jamming and interference
  • Twelve-channel receiver, L1 frequency, C/A code, continuous all-in-view tracking
  • Nine GPS, 2 WAAS, 1 Overhead, satellite capability
  • Position update rate, nominally 2 Hz
  • Velocity 1000 knots, steady-state
  • Dynamics 800 knots, (4g tracking)
  • ARINC 429 output


Receiver Size: 4.13"W x 6.50"D x 1.60"H Antenna Size: 3.00"W x 4.70"D x 0.75"H
Receiver Weight: 1.2lbs Antenna Weight: 0.5lbs
Power: 14 or 28 volts (DC), negative ground 250mA @ 28 VDC 500mA @ 14 VDC Receiver Temperature: -55 to +70 degrees C
Antenna Temperature: -55 to +85 degrees C Humidity: 95% @ 65 degrees C
System: FAA TSO C145a (Beta 1) Software: RTCA DO-178B, level C
Environmental: DO-160D D2BABSUXWXXXX ABBBATHA3J33XXX    
Part NumberGPS WAAS Sensor:
84327-01-0303 Discontinued - Replaced by 84327-02-100A
84327-02-100A 1203 GPS WAAS Sensor Unit Only
1203 Shipset 1203 System 


- WAAS GPS Receiver - Unit Only
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