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Model: 2101 Approach Plus

FreeFlight - IFR GPS Receiver
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2101 Approach Plus
  • GPS receiver certified for supplemental enroute, terminal and approach IFR operations
  • DZUS Mount
  • Certified for European B-RNAV applications for corporate, helicopter and regional commuter aircraft
  • Ultra high contrast display for maximum sunlight readability
  • Intuitive automatic sequencing feature provides improved course guidance through entire approach
  • Easy to use emergency search function
  • GPS receiver continuously checks accuracy using RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring)
  • 12 channel receiver with low susceptibility to comm radio jamming and interference
  • Holds up to 250 user waypoints and flight plans with 40 waypoints each
  • 20 nearest airport function
  • Airwatch restricted airspace warning system
  • Provides RS-422 serial output for easy interfacing
  • Simplified course reversal procedures
  • Flash memory card for software upgrading
  • Configuration data protection from inadvertent operator use
  • Available with North American, Eurasian, or Pacific/South American Datacard that can be swapped in flight
  • Available with standard ARINC antenna or high speed rate antenna
  • NVG Compatible (optional)
  • Certified to TSO C-129 (A1)
  • Available with black or gray bezel (see table below)
Dimensions: 5.75"W x 7.68"D x 3.0"H Weight: 2.8 lbs.
Power: 10-32 VDC Temperature: -20 to 55C
Altitude: Up to 50000 ft. Acquisition Time: 1.5 to 3.5 minutes
Position Update: Five times per second Accuracy: 15 meters RMS
Interfaces: EAI standards, RS-422, CDI, flags and external annunciators, altitude input Display: LED; 2 lines of 20 characters each, high intensity, green alphanumeric
Part Number IFr GPS Receiver Description:
81439-02-240D DISCONTINUED - Black Bezel
81439-03-240D DISCONTINUED - Gray Bezel
81439-12-240D  DISCONTINUED - Black Bezel NVG 
81439-32-241J  Replacing P/N 81439-02-240D 
81439-33-241J  Replacing P/N 81439-03-240D 
81439-42-241J  Replacing P/N 81439-12-240D 


- IFR GPS Receiver
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- IFR GPS Receiver
Price Condition Status
- IFR GPS Receiver (Black)
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- IFR GPS Receiver (Gray)
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Yes, FreeFlight and Jeppesen have developed a "4MB Upgrade Program" for the Approach & Approach Plus systems.

The upgrade will entail a minor hardware modification, software upgrade, and a higher capacity 4MB data card. With this upgrade, pilots will have continued access to the Jeppesen NavData©.

Approach and Approach Plus model upgrades must be completed by June 4, 2009 to be able to continue to receive Jeppesen NavData© services.

This upgrade is applicable to all FreeFlight Systems TSO-approved Approach and Approach Plus GPS Navigation Management Systems (including I/O models) and equivalent legacy equipment with the Trimble name. Including: TNL 2000 Approach & Approach Plus; FreeFlight / Trimble 2101 & 2101 I/O Approach & Approach Plus.
Newer FreeFlight 2101 I/O Approach Plus models ending in -32, -33 or -42, with MOD 14 marked out, have already received the hardware modification and may be updated in the field.

The "4MB Upgrade Program" enables customers to contact their dealer directly to arrange for your systems to be returned to the factory for the necessary hardware, software upgrades & new data card. Factory pricing will vary depending on upgrade requirements. Contact Southeast Aerospace for more information on your upgrade options.

To provide further information, FreeFlight has released Service information letters, SIL FFS02 & FFS03, as well as FAQs.