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Part #: 2800-0012-102

Model: Jet Call 2






Selcal Decoder (2 Channel)

Part Number :

Jet Call Selcal Decoder
  • Ground-to-air Selective Calling Decoder
  • External thumbwheel coding
  • No wire jumpers or remote switches
  • Two or five decoder channels are available to handle VHF and/or 2 HF transceivers
  • 16 available code letter tones for all four codewheels provide 43680 code letter combinations and 10920 tones
  • Handles wide range of input signal levels without adjustment
  • Self-test circuit checks all decoder channels completely
  • Low power consumption
  • Modular construction contains three field replaceable PC boards
  • Exceeds airline category requirements
  • TSOd


Dimensions: 5.35"H x 2.44"W x 15.0"D Weight: 2.7 lbs. (2 ch.); 3.2 (5 ch.)
Voltager: 28VDC Current: 2 channels - 320MA 5 channels - 360MA
Temperature: -40 to +60C Environmental: DO-160A Cat. F1AOE1XXXXXXAAAA
TSO: C59 Construction: Solid state, modular
Input Impedance: 10k ohms, transformer coupled Input Level: 0.1 volts rms min each tone 3.2 volts rms max each tone
Audio Response: Flat from 300-3000 Hz Tone Codes: All 16 ARINC tones
Part NumberSelcal Decoder Description:
2800-0012-102 2 Channel Version
2800-0012-105 5 Channel Version


- Selcal Decoder (2 Channel)

NSN: 5895-01-322-7685

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Selective Calling or SELCAL is a technique by which an aircraft has a unique identifier and a ground station can contact the aircraft for communication. This eliminates the aircraft crew from monitoring the HF frequencies on a regular basis and the subsequent background noise as a result.

The High Frequency Communications system (HF) must have SELCAL capability to process the ground station contact and alert the crew through audio or visual means. One of the components in the SELCAL system is a decoder. The decoder allows a ground station equipped with tone encoding equipment to call the specific aircraft by transmitting 2 pairs of assigned audio tones. The decoder is set to respond to the specific code assignment set on the front of the decoder. Upon reception of the tone code, the decoder signals the HF system that a message is waiting through audio or visual means.

Decoders are available in remote and panel mount variations. Some decoders may have the ability to monitor as few as 2 communication radios or up to 5 simultaneously.
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