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Model: TRI-40




Radar Altimeter Indicator

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  • Compact, LED display radio altimeter indicator
  • Used in conjunction with TRA-3000 and TRA-3500Transceivers
  • 28 Volt power input
  • Displays AGL and preselected decision height (DH)
  • Provides audible warning when descent is below DH
  • Test button send a 40-foot altitude code to indicator to test the display and warning alerts
  • External DH output
  • Includes visual and audible gear-up warning when aircraft is below 100 feet
  • Version available with Night Vision Goggle (NVG) capability (see table below
  • Trip-point output allows activation of additional pilot alerts
  • Trip Points for -X0 Versions: every 100 feet up to 800 feet
  • Trip Points for -X1 Versions: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 700 & 1000 feet
Dimensions: 1.375"H x 3.5"H x 7.5"L Weight: 0.75
DH selection: Dependent on P/N version, see features above Flag: Displays "U" when unlocked
Self-Test: Indicates "8's" then DH & gear lights, then 40 ft. altitude Aural DH: 1-khz tone output
Part NumberRadar Altimeter Indicator Description:
1901-3040-00 Basic version
1901-3040-01  Basic version w/Alt Trip Points, See Features Above
1901-3040-10 NVG version
1901-3040-11  NVG version w/Alt Trip Points, See Features Above


- Radar Altimeter Ind (w/ Alt Trip Points)
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- Radar Altimeter Indicator (NVG)
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- Rad Alt Ind - NVG (w/ Alt Trip Points)
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No, the RA-4000 is designed to be used with the RAD40 indicator or interfaced to modern flight displays RS-232/422/485 and ARINC 429 interfaces.

When replacing the TRA3500 with a RA4500, the only parts that can be reused are the antennas. The change will require different length cables, replacement of interconnect wiring form the RA4500 to an indicator and the indicator needs to be replaced with the RAD40 or other PFD with ARINC 429 input. The original TRI40/TRA3500 system only uses a single coax to interface them together, while the RAD40/RA4500 system will need power, ground and a twisted shielded pair for the data line.

You will also need to consider if the current TRI40 has any audio interface. The RAD40 does not have an external audio connection. If your installation requires an external DH audio output, then an additional tone generator will be needed.

However, if you are only replacing the TRA3500 system and will not be interfacing it to any other equipment, the RA4000 system will perform the same function at a less cost than the RA4500.