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Part #: G7461-03

Model: ACP2788B05/AD



Part Number :
Gables Engineering




  • G7461 family of Audio Control Panels interface with the Cobham AMU2790
  • Interchangeable and intermixable with Cobham ACP’s shown in the the table below
  • Liquid spill-proof design
  • Reliable switch design (>1 million activations)
  • Volume controls and toggle switches securely fastened to front metal
  • LED lighting
  • Sun-light readable MIC selector indication
  • Built-in-test (BIT)
  • Flash technology to support bench-level reprogramming using a PC
  • Non-volitile storage of front panelsetting
  • Modular design provides flexibility for custom layouts
  • Modular construction allows econmical maintenance
  • MTBF (Calculated): 25,000 operating hours
  • Multiple front panel functions/control panel configurations available 
  • Removes MLS legend
  • LS legend instead of ILS



Dimensions: 3.36 in/85.3 mm (height) x 5.735 in/146 mm (width) x 5.5 in/140 mm (depth), excluding rear connectors certification - aircraft: TSO-C139, STC on A318/A319/A320/A321 (ST04422AT)
WEIGHT: 2.5 lbs/1.1 kg (Max) color: Front Panel – Blue Gray FED STD595b35164,Front Panel Markings – White FED STD 595b37875 (DIN regular font),Push Buttons – Non-reflective Black FED STD 595b37038
Calculated MTBF: MTBF (calculated): 25,000 operating hours COMPLIANCE: RTCA/DO-160G (Environmental), RTCA/DO-178B (Software), RTCA/DO-214 (Audio)
power: 28 VDC NOrmaL OPERATION: 2.5 Watts (Typical)
Panel lights full at bright: 2.9 Watts lamp test: 3.5 Watts (Max)
CONNECTORS: J1 Mating: MS3476L16-26S, or equivalent pANEL LIGHTING: 0-5 VAC
bi-directional ARNIC 429 Interface to Team AMU2790    
Part Number: description:
G7461-03 Audio Control Panel 


- Audio Control Panel
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