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Part #: G7612-102




Nav/GS Control Panel

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Gables Engineering




  • First Minima Twisted Nematic (FMTN) LCD Display
  •  Green GLS indicator
  •  Blue/White LED display, panel and indicator lighting for higher reliability – White or amber color display and NVIS options available (variant dependent)
  •  Single knob stack for standby or direct active frequency selection
  •  Transfer button for active and standby frequency interchange
  •  Operates in ILS, VOR, GLS MMR modes
  •  Built-in-test (BIT) capability
  •  Flash technology to support bench-level reprogramming using a PC
  •  DME tuning capability
  •  Non-volatile storage of font panel settings and memories
  •  Modular design provides flexibility for custom layouts
  •  Modular construction contributes to economical maintenance
  •  Liquid splash-proof design
  •  4 memory channels per mode




Dimensions: 2.625 (height) x 2.375 (width) x 5.370 (depth) inches, excluding rear connector certification - aircraft: STC’s available through third parties
WEIGHT: 1.1 pounds (max) color: Black, Gray
Calculated MTBF: 20,000 operating hours COMPLIANCE: ARINC 410, ARINC 429, ARINC 568, ARINC 709, ARINC 710, ARINC 711, ARINC 720, ARINC 755, ARINC 756, RTCA/DO-160D (Environmental), RTCA/DO-178B (Software), RTCA/DO-189 (DME), RTCA/DO-192 (ILS), RTCA/DO-195 (ILS), RTCA/DO-196 (VOR), RTCA/DO-208 (GPS), RTCA/DO-253A (GPS/LAAS)
power: Power(IncludingAllLighting) 28VDC,7.0Watts(max)  Certification - Regulatory: TSO-C34e, TSO-C36e, TSO-C40c, TSO-C66c, TSO-C129a
CONNECTORS: J1 Mating: MS3476L24-61S, or equivalent 61 pin connector LIGHTING: Panel/Display/Indicator(GLS)Lighting(Blue/WhiteLEDs) – 0–5VAC/DCor28VDC
Frequency range: GLS (GBAS) – 20,000 to 39,999, GLS (SBAS) – 40,000 to 99,999 (with extended range enabled), ILS/VOR (VHF NAV) – 108.00 MHz to 117.95 MHz (133.00 to 135.95 MHz added with extended range enabled) tuning: ARINC 429 (ILS, VOR, GLS and/or DME) ARINC 410 (2×5) (ILS, VOR and/or DME) CSDB (ILS, VOR and/or DME)
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G7612-102 Nav/GS Control Panel


- Nav/GS Control Panel
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