Part #: 010-01322-01

Model: Flight Stream 510

Garmin - Database Management Card
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Flight Stream 510


  • Patented Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MultiMediaCard (MMC) enabling communication between the GTN 650/750 series and compatible Apple or Android mobile devices operating the Garmin Pilot app
  • Installs into the existing card slot of the GTN series unit, enabling Garmin Database Concierge to update database between GTN touchscreen navigators and G500/G600 glass flight displays
  • No wiring changes are required
  • PLEASE NOTE that a Garmin Pilot subscription is required to enable Database Concierge, and a one-year subscription is included with Flight Stream 510 purchase
  • Garmin Pilot can be optimized to automatically download the most up-to-date information within the application every time a new database cycle is available 
  • Database transfer occurs in minutes
  • Two-way flight plan transfer
  • Flight plans can be saved within the flight catalog or activated for immediate use with the GTN
  • Flight plan on a mobile device and wirelessly transfer to the GTN
  • Share traffic, weather, GPS information, back-up attitude information, and text messaging through a compatible mobile device
  • Wirelessly transfer Jeppesen NavData or the new Garmin Navigation Database, Obstacle, Terrain, SafeTaxi, FliteCharts and Basemap
  • Pair to an Apple mobile device to the GTN to access text and voice services enabled by a GSR 56 datalink
  • Send and receive messages with a mobile device and utilize the phones existing contact database
  • Initiate phone calls on an Apple mobile device
  • Customers with any combination of GTNs or GTNs with G500/G600s receive additional benefits with database synchronization and Flight Stream
  • When the GTN 650/750 is interfaced to a GTX 345 ADS-B transponder or GDL 88 ADS-B datalink, ADS-B traffic and subscription-free FIS-B weather will display via Bluetooth on mobile device
  • With the ADS-B information, TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic offer heightened state of situation awareness, and detection of other aircraft or ground vehicles who are ADS-B "Out" compliant
  • Expected to be available in early August 2016 and will be included in the Garmin Installation Policy when installed in a certified aircraft
Part Number MultiMediaCard Description:
010-01322-01 Flight Stream 510, Standard


- Database Management Card
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