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Model: G500





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  • Glass Cockpit solution for Part 23 Class I & Class II Aircraft
  • AML STC approving installation in over 600 different aircraft models
  • Dual 6.5" diagonal color LCD displays; portrait orientation
  • Large & clear display fonts
  • 4.8" diagonal attitude indicator
  • Optional Synthetic Vision (SVT) feature
  • Solid-state Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) and Air Data Computer (ADC)
  • XM WX Satellite Weather & XM Radio (optional)
  • Built-in terrain elevation and towers/obstacles databases
  • Standard FliteCharts® and SafeTaxi® databases
  • Optional ChartView™ shows aircraft position on the Jeppesen approach charts and airport surface diagrams
  • Offers control/display for available GWX-68 airborne weather radar
  • Displays GPS mapping, as well as optional traffic, terrain and datalink systems
  • Flight detector for selected autopilots
  • Real-time winds aloft data on PFD
  • Optional GAD-43 adapter provides AHRS reference for autopilot interface (allows replacement of gyro attitude, yaw, and baro correction; radar stabilization; and bootstrap heading)

GDU-620 Display Features:

  • Dual 6.25" diagonal color LCD
  • RGB backlighting technology
  • High resolution 640x480 VGA
  • 65,536 simultaneous colors
  • Direct sunlight readable
  • Auto, manual or lighting bus inputs for dimming
  • Dimensions: 6.7" H x 10" W x 3.25" D
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

System Architecture:

  • Position source: External GPS via RS-232
  • GPS interface for Garmin 400W series and 500W series (requires software update for GPS data required for AHRS)
  • Nav radio interface: GNS-430W/530W/480 or SL30
  • 8 bi-directional high speed RS-232 ports
  • 2 bi-directional high speed RS-422/485 ports
  • 8 ARINC 429 high/low speed inputs and 4 outputs
  • ADF DC Sin/Cos input
  • Radar interface: GWX-38 (LRU sold separately)
    • Interface enabling card required for G500
  • Autopilot interfaces:
    • Heading/course error outputs
    • Analog lateral and vertical deviation outputs
    • ARINC 429 digital roll steering support
    • RS-485 digital altitude capture
    • Analog flight director input
    • Selected autopilot flight directors
  • GAD-43 adapter (optional) enables AHRS to drive select autopilot systems.


  • 10-40 VDC, reverse polarity protected
  • 55 watts typical


  • -20°C to +55°C operating temp
  • -55°C to +85°C storage temp
  • 2°C per minute temp variation
  • 95% at 50C humidity
  • 35,000 feet max altitude
  • internal cooling, external cooling not required

Certification Criteria:

  • View the G500 STC Approval Model List (AML) for over 600 airframes
  • Approved for Class 1/Class 2 aircraft (under 6,000 lbs)


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Newly Overhauled parts obtained from Garmin are designated with an N in their part number. This usually follows the 010- in the part number. As with most Garmin 010 part numbers, the N part numbers are for ordering purposes only and do not actually appear on the dataplate of the unit.