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G500H (Right-side PFD) System

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  • Helicopter dual-screen electronic flight display
  • Engineered for safety and reliability in the helicopter environment
  • Dual 6.5" LCD Screens
  • Dual screens mounted side by side in a single bezel
  • Includes Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-function Display (MFD)
  • PFD screen displays attitude, airspeed, altitude, climb rate & course/heading information
  • MFD screen displays detailed moving-map graphics depicting the helicopter's current position in relation to ground features, chart data, navaids & flight plan
  • System comes with preloaded geo-referenced SafeTaxi® diagrams for over 900 US airports
  • New system also includes trial version of Garmin's FlightCharts®
  • Available as an option: Garmin's HSVT™ - Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology
  • HSVT provides powerful graphic perspective with a clear depiction of ground & water features, airports, obstacles, traffic and more - all shown in 3D perspective on the PFD
  • Replacing old style gyros - AHRS attitude/heading reference delivers high-precision spatial sensing for the G500H digital instrumentation
  • When interfaced with a GNS-430W/530W series HTAWS navigator, certified "forward looking" terrain avoidance (FLTA) capability is available
  • G500H is easily combined with a variety of optional sensors & data links:
  • GDL-69 series receiver offers weather alerting and NEXRAD coverage for the US via XM® satellite datalink
  • User interface with the GDL-69A provides XM Radio
  • Video input option lets the MFD function as a FLIR or other video source
  • Interfacing to GTX-330 allows access to Traffic Information Service (TIS) alerts on the G500H
  • Also available is the GSR-56 Iridium-based satellite transceiver
  • Provides an affordable, worldwide position tracking solution that enables aircraft location data to be monitored via web-based display on authorized base-ops computers
  • The G500H is available with the PFD on the right or left side of the bezel for easy viewing depending on pilot position

Additional Information: View the G500H FAA STC Approved Model List (AML) Click Here for G500H Pilot's Guide


- G500H (Right-side PFD) System
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- G500H (Left-side PFD) System
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