Part #: 010-01172-11

Model: GAD-29B

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The GAD 29/29B is a light-weight, remote-mount unit that allows interface to IFR navigators such as the GNS and GTN series
The GAD 29/29B has a 25 pin D-sub connector and a 9 pin D-sub connector

The GAD 29B contains the same characteristics and function of the GAD 29 as well as providing autopilot heading and course datum to allow a G5 DG/HSI to be interfaced with autopilots

The GAD 29/29B can run on 14VDC or 28VDC

The GAD 29/29B can also receive OAT information over the CAN bus to be converted to ARINC 429 data and transmitted to the navigators
These connectors provides the following functionality:

  • 2 Low Speed ARINC 429 Transmitters
  • 4 Low Speed ARINC 429 Receivers
  • 1 CAN Network Port
  • Analog Outputs
  • Excitation Pass Through
width: 6.10 Inches height: 1.48 Inches
Depth: 5.54 Inches unit weight: 0.40 Lbs.
power requirements: Average/Max Current Draw @14 VDC/ .200-Average/Max Current Draw 28 VDC/ .100 A    
Part Number Description        
010-01172-11 Catalog P/N
011-03236-11 Unit Only PN on dataplate



- Interface Adapter (Unit Only)
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