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Interface Adapter

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GAD 43e


  • The GAD 43e is designed as an open architecture system that uses typical XYZ (ARINC 407), ARINC 429 and RS-232 interface
  • It also includes analog radar stabilization signals, bootstrap heading output and a bar altitude correction interface.
  • The GAD 43e adapter unit offers enhanced autopilot interface capabilities for the G600/G500 flight display systems
  • The GAD 43e can also interface to analog VOR/LOC/GS receivers, and functions as an altitude preselector and vertical speed controller when interfaced with compatible autopilots
  • Enables the display of marker beacon lamps, DME distance, synchro ADF bearing and analog radar altitude on your G500/600



Autopilot Gyro Emulation GAD 43e GAD 43
King KI-256 (or equivalent) used on KAP 100, KAP/KFC 150, KAP/KFC 225 and KFC 275 Yes Yes
Collins 332D-11T used on selet AP-65 installations Yes Yes
King KVG 350 used on KFC 250, 300 and 275/325 Yes Yes
Century 21, 31, 41 and 2000 Yes Yes



GAD 43e GAD 43
Pitch Output Yes Yes
Roll Output Yes Yes
Heading Output Yes Yes
Yaw Rate or Baro Correction Yes Yes
Radar Stabilization Output Yes Yes
Altitude Preselector with Collins APS-65¹; KAP/KFC 150; KFC 200, KFC 275/325; S-TEC 55X, 60-2, 65, PSS Yes No
Vertical Speed Controller with KAP/KFC 150; KFC 275/325; S-TEC 55X, 60-2, 65, PSS Yes No
Dual Analog VOR/LOC/GS Input² Yes No
Analog Radar Altitude Input Yes No
DME Distance Input Yes No
Marker Beacon Lamp Input Yes No
Synchro ADF Input (ARINC 407) Yes No



Part Number: Description:
010-00852-00 Interface Adapter
010-00852-01 Interface Adapter


- Interface Adapter w/o Installation Kit
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- Interface Adapter w/ Installation Kit (G600)
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