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Part #: 013-00066-00

Model: GAE-43




Dual Output Encoder

Part Number :

GAE 43



  • 35000 foot encoder
  • Outputs altitude Grey Code in 100' resolution to the aircraft's mode C transponder as well as two RS232 outputs in 10' resolution to the aircraft GPS and multifunction displays
  • Each RS232 output is totally independent so that a load on one output will not affect the other
  • Provides exclusive AIM (Altitude In-Flight Monitoring) function that provides a pilot alert when the aircraft deviates from the selected altitude
  • 3 year factory warranty



TSO Compliance: C88a Dimensions: 4.87W" x 1.06H" x 4.74D"
Weight: 0.7 lbs. Temperature: -20 to 55C
Altitude: 35000 feet Voltage 11-32VDC


Part Number: Description:
013-00066-00 Dual Output Encoder




- Dual Output Encoder
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