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Part #: 010-01561-40

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Portable SiriusXM Receiver

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  • Portable SiriusXM Aviation Receiver
  • Receives SiriusXM Aviation Weather and Music
  • Connext Capable: aera 660/795/796, Garmin Pilot app
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Wireless Audio
  • Provides GPS Position Data and Backup attitude
  • Built-in Battery - up to 7 hours on Single Charge
  • Capable of Simultaneously Supporting Up to: 2 wireless display devices, 1 wireless audio device, 2 wired display devices, and 1 wired audio device
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output
  • Micro USB Port
  • Pilots can choose from available SiriusXM Aviation packages that provide METAR data and animated NEXRAD imagery plus current reports on precipitation, lightning, winds aloft, echo tops, turbulence, freezing levels, TFRs and more
  • SiriusXM Audio Entertainment provides 150 Channels
  • Includes a built-in backup battery and provides GPS position data and back-up attitude information to compatible portable devices
  • Accesses the SiriusXM network's satellites, delivering continuous weather updates across the continental US and coastal regions and southern Canada
  • Receivers can queue weather updates while the display device is sleeping or turned off
  • Connecting a compatible Bluetooth headset or audio panel (such as GMA 245/245R, GMA 345 and GMA 35c/350c/350Hc) to the GDL allows pilots to wirelessly listen to their choice of high-quality audio entertainment channels provided by SiriusXM
  • Additional models available: GDL-51R (remote mount), GDL-52/GDL-52R (SiriusXM+ADS-B)
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010-01561-40 Portable SiriusXM Receiver


- Portable SiriusXM Receiver
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