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Part #: 011-03727-00

Model: GDL-84




ADS-B UAT Data Link System

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  • Dual-link solution meets U.S. ADS-B “Out” requirements with built-in SBAS/WAAS GPS receiver
  • Displays subscription-free ADS-B weather and datalink traffic using Garmin Pilot™, ForeFlight Mobile and aera 795/796
  • Packaged with Flight Stream™ 110 or 210 device for wireless connectivity with tablets and Garmin portables via Connext®
  • Approved today for installation in hundreds of popular aircraft models, including helicopters
  • Supports patent-pending TargetTrend™ traffic and TerminalTraffic™ display
  • For aircraft owners, including helicopters, seeking an easy, cost-efficient way to meet the requirements for ADS-B “Out” equipage — while enjoying the “In” benefits of subscription-free weather and traffic
  • In addition to audible target alerts (“Traffic. Two o’clock. High. Two miles.”) the GDL 84 will also support the latest in ADS-B traffic display capabilities, which can be viewed with the Garmin Pilot™ app on your iPad® or other compatible tablet
  • Patent-pending TargetTrend relative motion tracking technology, offers a faster, more intuitive way of judging aircraft trajectories and closure rates in relation to your aircraft’s flight path
  • In the airport environment, TerminalTraffic™ technology works with SafeTaxi® to support geo-referenced display of ADS-B-equipped targets, including taxiing aircraft and ground service vehicles, on the surface diagram
  • Built-in, patented AutoSquawk that automatically synchronizes with your onboard transponder for its squawk code, and then transmit that data through its own datalink
  • For a minimal cost, your GDL 84 can be returned to Garmin for factory upgrade to a GDL 88 configuration
    • With this upgrade, your receiver can bring graphical benefits of ADS-B to your in-panel Garmin displays, like the GTN series and G500/600 flight displays
unit size: 1.75"W x 6.17"H x 7.12"D including rack & connectors weight: 4.13 lbs with WAAS GPS
temperature: -55°C to +70°C operating altitude: To 55,000 feet
power input: 14 or 28 VDC; 20 watts max transmitter output: 4 dBm (2.5 mW)
Cooling Input: Integrated environmental compliance: DO-160F
Software compliance: DO-178 Level D & B Hardware compliance: DO-254 Level C
tso Compliance: TSO-C145c (B2), TSO-C154c (A1S/A1H), TSO-C157A, TSO-C166b (A1/A1S), TSO-C195a (C1, C2, C3)
part number GDL description:
010-00860-10 GDL 84
K10-00233-00 GDL 84 with Flight Stream 110 kit
K10-00233-40 GDL 84 with Flight Stream 210 kit


- Datalink Transceiver
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In most cases, if you already have Garmin equipment, the easiest route to comply with ADS-B is to stay with Garmin. Based on what you gave me below, you would need to upgrade your GNS530 to the 530W (WAAS) and replace your GTX327 with the GTX330ES (Extended Squitter). Most shops will give you a trade-in value for the GTX327 and there are some used GTX330ES units out there on the market. This route will make you compliant with the 1090ES part of ADS-B compliance.

Otherwise, if you choose to keep the GTX327 and go with the GDL88 or GDL84 UAT (978 compliance), you will still have to get your GNS530 upgraded to WAAS and then handle some additional considerations.

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