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Model: GDL-88D




ADS-B Data Link System w/ Diversity

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  • Remote Mounted unit including 978 MHz UAT, 1090 MHz receiver and 1030 MHz transmitter
  • Transmits ADS-B data via UAT data link
  • Receives data from other UAT and 1090ES equipped aircraft and outputs to display
  • Utilizes RS-232, RS-422, ARINC 429, Garmin HSDB and discrete inputs/outputs to communicate with other LRUs and systems on aircraft
  • Antenna diversity (D) model



Weight:  3.87 lbs. Dimensions: 6.17” H x 1.75” W x 7.62” D
Operating Temp:  -45C to 70C altitude: 55000 ft (max)
Input Voltage:  9-33 VDC  CHANNELS: 12 GPS, 3 GPS/SBAS


Part Number: Description:
010-00861-30 Standard Kit Part Number
011-02371-00 ADS-B Data Link System w/ Diversity




- ADS-B Data Link System w/ Diversity
Price Condition Status
- ADS-B Data Link Transceiver w/Diversity (GPS/SBAS)
Price Condition Status
- ADS-B Data Link System w/Diversity
Price Condition Status

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The GDL-88 is capable of receiving and transmitting on both 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz (Mode S Transponder). This will allow the GDL-88 to send position data on both 978 MHz and 1090 MHz. It is also capable of receiving FIS-B weather data on 978 MHz. The GDL-88 is also capable of interfacing with TCAD/TAS/TCAS I systems for a "fused" situational awareness display for the flight crew.

Yes, the GDL-88 is a dual transceiver, which means that it is capable of transmitting your ADS-B position. Most typical installations will be configured to be ADS-B out compliant, thereby satisfying the FAA's mandate. Your existing equipment and how the installation is performed may affect your ADS-B out capability.

While a GNS or GTN series product (with the proper software level) is what is most often used as a qualified position source, there are versions of the GDL-88 that include an internal WAAS receiver. Having a WAAS receiver is a requirement for ADS-B compliance. This will allow your exact position, speed, etc., to be broadcasted to other aircraft. Four versions of the GDL-88 are available:

GDL-88 Standard
GDL-88 with Diversity
GDL-88 with internal WAAS receiver
GDL-88 with Diversity and internal WAAS receiver

In a minimal installation, the GDL-88 provides the required ADS-B Out functionality with a standalone set of annunciators and control switches installed in the cockpit. When a GDL-88 is installed without interface to an external display, some ADS-B In functionality is still retained. A traffic annunciation light is installed in the cockpit for CSA (Conflict Situational Awareness) alerts and aural alerts are provided for these threat aircraft, to include directionality from the ownship and range.

Audio Panel  -  Traffic alert audio output is interfaced to a required audio panel with a compatible unswitched, unmuted audio input

Altitude Source -The GDL-88 requires the use of an ownship pressure altitude for transmission of required ADS-B Out data values and to calculate the vertical separation and vertical closure from target aircraft.


TAS/TCAS Traffic Systems - The GDL-88 will interface with the GTS-800/820/850, Skywatch, Skywatch HP, and Avidyne TCAD.


Heading Source (optional) - The GDL-88 can optionally use heading for the purpose of correlating ADS-B traffic and traffic received from the external traffic system. HSDB and ARINC 429 digital heading is provided to the GDL 88 from any compatible magnetic heading source. Multiple heading sources may be connected to the GDL-88.


GPS Position Source - The GDL-88 uses the ownship GPS position for creation of the ADS-B Out messages as well as the receipt and tracking of ADS-B In targets. The GDL-88 without the internal GPS WAAS requires at least one compatible GPS position source be installed, while the GDL-88 with the internal GPS WAAS engine may optionally be interfaced with compatible sources.


Radar Altimeter (optional) - The GDL-88 can optionally be interfaced with a radar altimeter to drive the sensitivity level of the Conflict Situational Awareness (CSA) application.


Traffic Mute (optional) - The GDL-88 can optionally interface with a pilot controlled switch to acknowledge an active Conflict Situational Awareness (CSA) alert and mute the associated aural alert. This momentary switch only mutes the current CSAs and does not act as an inhibit for future CSA aural annunciations.