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Electronic Flight Display

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  • Electronic Flight Display System for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft
  • Panel-mount unit features 7" WVGA screen and dual redundant power inputs
  • Offers full primary flight (PFD) and multifunction (MFD) display capability - plus electronic engine gauges and monitoring
  • Standard SVX™ synthetic vision renders terrain-alerting data into realistic 3D virtual landscape on the G3X flight display
  • Up to three interlinked displays can be installed in the panel for growth and system flexibility 
  • In a single screen installation - split-screen mode enables PFD instrumentation to be viewed on the display's top half, while MFD information is presented on the lower half 
  • GPS-aided ADAHRS (Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference Systems) use solid-state sensors to provide flight attitude, heading and rate information
  • Garmin FliteCharts® offer AeroNav-format IFR approach plates and terminal procedures for airports throughout the US
  • Garmin SafeTaxi® data provides detailed taxiway diagrams and position information for over 950 US airports
  • Color-keyed terrain page offers both overhead and vertical profile views of potentially hazardous terrain along your route of flight
  • Obstacles and airports are shown in relative proximity to the aircraft
  • AOPA Airport Directory data offers detailed information on over 7,400 US airports, along with airports of entry for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Includes names and phone numbers of FBOs and fuel/service facilities, plus ground transportation, ATC data, and more
  • IFR map mode displays Victor airways and Jet routes, derived from the navigation database
  • EIS monitoring software supports a wide range of sensors for engine, fuel, electrical and other critical data inputs
  • Automatic fuel calculations, based on real-time fuel flow, support graphical range ring display
  • Traffic Information Service (TIS) alerts are supported in 3D perspective via Garmin GTX-330 Mode S Transponder or other compatible traffic receiver interface
  • GDU-375 supports NEXRAD and other XM WX® satellite weather data and audio entertainment
  • Rotary joystick cursor control for data entry and softkeys for mode selection 
  • Front-loading SD card slot for expansion memory and updates
  • Interlinked G3X displays in the panel offer full reversionary backup 
  • Optional GMA-240 audio panel (sold separately) provides compatible selection for intercom, communication radios, and music
  • Additional features include: weight & balance calculator, checklists and SD card data logging
G3X Screen Shots
SPECIFICATIONS GDU-370/375 Display Unit:
Display: 7" diag. 480 x 800 pixels, color sunlight readable WVGA TFT w/adjustable backlighting. Optional lighting bus voltage input available for automatic backlight control.
Electrical: 10-29 VDC 10 watts typical Dual isolated power inputs
Size: 6.04"W x 7.83"H x 3.41"D
Weight: GDU370 : 1.56 lb | GDU375 : 1.65 lb Weight does not include nut plate and connector
GPS Receiver: Non-certified, high-sensitivity GPS receiver with WAAS position accuracy and 5 Hz update rate
Interfaces: Three RS232 ports per display, supporting NMEA 0183, SL-30/40 frequency tuning, Aviation or MapMX format data from panel-mounted GPS, and GTX-330 TIS data. Autopilot mode selection capability supported for select autopilots: • RS-232 output provides altitude encoder data to a Garmin transponder • Two ARINC 429 transmit ports are provided for use with GNS-4xx/5xx or external autopilot • Four ARINC 429 receive ports are provided for use with GNS-4xx/5xx
GPS/XM Antennas: In-cabin and externally mounted options available
Navigation Features: • Jeppesen aviation database • Built-in worldwide land basemap • Terrain and obstacle databases • Pre-loaded Garmin FliteCharts • SafeTaxi airport diagrams for 950+ US airports • AOPA Aircraft Directory


  • Provides accurate digital output and referencing of aircraft position, rate, vector and acceleration data
  • Leverages solid-state sensors and sophisticated attitude determination and integrity monitoring algorithms used in Garmin's high-end AHRS unit
  • Capable of in-flight dynamic restarts
  • Capable of maneuvers through a range of 360° in bank and pitch
  • Rotation rate: Up to 200°/sec
  • Has an RS-232 output to provide altitude encoder data to a Garmin transponder, two ARINC 429 transmit ports for use with a GNS-4xx/5xx or external autopilot, and four ARINC 429 receive ports for use with a GNS-4xx/5xx
Electrical: 10-29 VDC 12 watts typical; 25 watts max (based on max powered transducer usage) Dual isolated power inputs
Size: 5.5"W x 3.96"H x 7.33"D
Additional: Eligible for PilotPak Databases
Weight: 3.1 lbs (weight does not include mounting hardware & connector)
Air Data: Aircraft pressure altitude range: -1,400 ft to 50,000ft Aircraft vertical speed range: -20,000 to +20,000 fpm Aircraft airspeed range: 0-450 kts Aircraft mach range:
Engine/Airframe Interface: Support is provided for sensors commonly used on Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, and Jabiru engines. Sensor kits are now available for popular light sport and experimental aircraft engines. Configurability of the GSU allows measurement of many different aircraft parameters including but not limited to:
  • Amps (Ammeter Shunt or Hall Effect)
  • Monitor EGT and CHT on up to 6 cylinders and 2 turbo inlet temps
  • Aircraft bus voltages
  • Oil temperature
  • Carburetor temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Manifold pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Coolant pressure
  • RPM (mechanical, mag bleed port, electronic ignition, Jabiru, Rotax)
  • Fuel quantity (capacitive and resistive measurements)
  • Elevator/rudder/aileron trim
  • Flap position
  • Fuel Flow (single or differential)
  • Discrete Inputs (allow up to 4 configurable discrete annunciations)
  • Discrete Outputs (provide master caution and master warning annunciation capability)
Communication Interfaces:
  • ARINC 429
  • RS-232
  • Serial Altitude Encoder Output

GMU 44 Magnetometer Unit:

Electrical: Powered through GSU-73 
Size: 2.10"H x 3.35" Diameter
Weight: 0.35 lb (Weight does not include mounting hardware & connector)



Standard: Free single database update (includes one update for navigation, FliteCharts, SafeTaxi, obstacles and towers), Owner's manual, Quick reference guide
Optional: GA-26 In-Cabin GPS Antenna GA-26X In-Cabin XM Antenna GA-57X External XM/GPS Combo Antenna GA-56 External GPS Antenna GA-55 External XM Antenna
- Electronic Flight Display, Pacific
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- Electronic Flight Display, Atlantic
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- GDU 370 Pacific no XM
Price Condition Status
- G3X Display Unit (Americas Database)
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