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Model: GI-106A

Garmin - VOR/LOC/GS/GPS Indicator
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GI 106A
  • Panel-mounted Course Deviation Indicators with rectilinear meter movements
  • Contains integral GPS, NAV, and VLOC mode annunciators
  • VOR/LOC/GPS/Glideslope needle, TO/FROM indicator, and NAV warning flag
  • Contains integral resolver for OBS feedback
  • Model available with Course Datum Synchro
  • Features anti-reflective lenses and backlighting
TSO Compliance: C40a, C34c, Class D Dimensions: 2.35" x 3.25" x 4.25"
Weight: 1.5 lbs.    
Part NumberCourse Deviation Indicator Description:
013-00049-00 Unit with Kit, without Course Datum Synchro
013-00049-01 Same as -00 (Actual Part Number on Unit)
013-00049-10 Unit with Kit, with Course Datum Synchro
013-00049-11 Same as -10 (Actual Part Number on Unit) 


- VOR/LOC/GS/GPS Indicator
Price Condition Status
- VOR/LOC/GS/GPS Indicator
Price Condition Status

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Garmin has provided Service Advisory 2051 for general recommendations, materials, and supplies to clean and disinfect Garmin products. Otherwise, not following the recommendations could void the warranty.

  • Cleaners containing ammonia will harm the anti-reflective coating on many Garmin aviation display lenses.
  • Disinfectant with a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol that does not contain ammonia is preferred. Solutions of up to 91% isopropyl alcohol are also acceptable.
  • Clean the display lens using a clean lint-free cloth and a cleaner that is specified as safe for anti-reflective coatings.
  • For other exposed surfaces such as knobs, buttons, and bezels, a damp cloth with soap and water is acceptable.
  • Bleach-based cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, or other harsh chemicals on any surface are not recommended.
  • Remove all soap/soap residue to prevent buttons and knobs from gumming up or becoming slippery.
  • Many aviation products are not rated as waterproof. Spraying or wetting the units to the extent where moisture could go beyond the exterior surfaces could damage the unit.
Available as an option in some navigation CDIs, the course datum synchro is useful for autopilot interface. Course datum provides course information to the autopilot for use to compute VOR intercepts.
Newly Overhauled parts obtained from Garmin are designated with an N in their part number. This usually follows the 010- in the part number. As with most Garmin 010 part numbers, the N part numbers are for ordering purposes only and do not actually appear on the dataplate of the unit.
They have the same functions; the only difference is that the GI-106A has annunciators on the front panel to indicate the source of the received information. See images below for more comparison details.