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Model: GMA-1360

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  • GMA 1360 is a vertically oriented panel-mounted audio controller and marker beacon system that collects, processes, and distributes audio signals between avionics, crew, and passengers
  • The LED-illuminated push buttons allows the selection of active radios,and entertainment audio
  • Brightness is adjusted to a level appropriate for ambient cockpit light conditions automatically
  • Digital signal processor (DSP), cleans up audio and provides VOX control for mic inputs 
  • Outputs feature high-quality digital-to-analog converters and headset amplifier circuits that are used to minimize noise and distortion
  • Digital recording and playback feature
  • Intercom communication system (ICS) which controls communication paths between pilot, copilot, and passengers
  • Available as a single audio panel installation (GMA 1360)
  • Power-off fail safe connection for Pilot PTT, Pilot mic, and Pilot Headset Left to COM 1
  • Power-off fail safe connection for alert audio to Pilot Headset Left
  • 3D Audio 
  • Bluetooth audio streaming 
  • Bluetooth telephone integration 
  • GMA 1360 COM/NAV controls are in sync with GDU based knobs
  • In-flight volume control (with bar annunciation) for all selectable sources except COMs and NAVs 
  • Six to Eight position intercom (pilot, copilot, four to six passengers) with multiple isolation modes 
  • User selectable MUSIC/TEL input distribution to ICS positions independent of isolation modes  
  • Copilot can be configured as a passenger • Clearance recorder with playback 
  • Marker beacon receiver with SmartMute audio muting 
  • Split-COM mode (1/2, 1/AUX, and 2/AUX splits allowed, pilot gets lower COM number) 
  • PA mode for keyed addressing to speaker and headsets


BEZEL HEIGHT: 7.70 inches (196 mm) BEZEL WIDTH: 1.35 inches (34 mm)
RACK HEIGHT: 6.30 inches (160 mm) Rack Width: 1.33 inches (34 mm)
GMA 1360 Unit Weight: 1.86 lbs (0.84 kg) GMA 1360 Unit Weight (installed with rack and connectors): 2.83 lbs (1.28 kg)
Environmental Compliance: RTCA DO-160F Software Compliance: RTCA DO-178B Level C, D, and E
CLD (Custom Logic Devices) Compliance: RTCA DO-254 Level C Temperature Range: -45°C to +70°C (normal operation) -45°C to +70°C (short term)
Maximum Days of Continuous Operation: 49 Altitude: 55,000 Feet
Transceiver Outputs: 5mW in 450Ω with <10% THD+N and <3% THD+N at 10% of rated output power Power Input Voltage: 14 Vdc or 28 Vdc. See the Environmental Qualification Form for details on surge ratings and minimum/maximum operating voltages
Power Consumption: 0.8 A @ 14 V (typical) 1.5 A @ 14 V (maximum) 0.4 A @ 28 V (typical) 1.0 A @ 28 V (maximum) DEPTH BEHIND PANEL: with Connectors (measured from face of aircraft panel to rear of connector backshells) 7.79 inches (198 mm)
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011-03568-00 Garmin Marker Beacon (GMA) and Audio Panel
011-03568-20 Garmin Marker Beacon (GMA) and Audio Panel


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