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Part #: 010-01471-01

Model: GMA-245R




Remote Audio Panel

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  • Integrates with Garmin G3X Touch glass displays for on-screen audio selection features
  • GMA 245R will support dual comm, dual nav and multiple aux receivers, totaling up to 7 radios 
  • Draws on Garmin top-end audio technology for “home theater” quality sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity enables easy access to phone calls and audio entertainment
  • 3D Audio processing helps pilots “locate” inputs coming into their headsets
  • USB charging port provides power for smartphones, tablets, music players a
  • 6-place intercom with 3 modes of isolation​



Unit size:: 6.29"W x 1.36"H x 9.06"D (159.8 x 34.5 x 230.1 mm) includes end mount rack and connectors Weight:  1.39 lbs (630.49 g) includes mounting bracket and connectors
Impedance: 600 ohm Max input: 5 Vrms
Isolation: 60 dB minimum Bandwidth:  100 Hz to 6.5 kHz
Transceiver:  3 (including TEL) temperature range: Operation -20°C to +55°C
Electrical: 11 to 33 VDC altitude range:  55,000 ft. , Overpressure -1500 ft
Telephone input:  1 Alerts:  4
Positions:  6 (pilot,copilot, 4 passengers) Volume control:  2 (pilot, copilot/passengers)
MIC impedance: 150 ohm MIC Bias:  11 VDC through 470 ohm
Input level:  < 200 mVrms at max gain for full power out 3dB@1kHz Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 kHz  (Music Function) Gain: +24 dB Max/-96dB min  (Music Function)
Distortion:   < 0.1% THD+N typical at full power over full bandwidth  (Music Function) Muting: Selectable and configurable (Music Function)
USB Rated power:   USB Max charge current: 2.1 Amps
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010-01471-01   Remote Audio Panel




- Remote Audio Panel
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