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Model: GMA-340




Audio Panel

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GMA 340

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  • LED-illuminated push button audio panel allowing audio selection of both NAV and Comm audio
  • Large buttons activate the Comm microphone and audio for up to three Comm transceivers
  • Split Comm feature allows pilot to transmit/receive on Comm 1 and co-pilot to transmit/receive on Comm 2
  • Comm transmit indication provided
  • Speaker selection available to monitor aircraft radios or to make PA announcements
  • Two unswitched inputs for telephone ringers, altitude alert warnings or other warning tones
  • Includes six-place VOX intercom with three selectable modes of isolation, dual stereo music inputs, and independent pilot, co-pilot, and passenger volume control
  • Each microphone input has dedicated VOX circuit to ensure that only active microphone is heard when squelch is broken
  • Standard three-light Marker Beacon Receiver with high/low sensitivity selection and audio muting with automatic rearming
  • Shallow depth and lightweight
  • 14 or 28 Volt operation without voltage converters or dropping resistors
  • Photo cell dimming of annunciators
  • Pilot fail-safe mode connection to Comm 1
  • FAA TSO approval
  • Helicopter version available with pilot and co-pilot ICS volume controls on front panel reversed (see Page 2 of Pilots Guide for key layout)
  • Version available with dual ADF audio inputs (see Page 2 of Pilots Guide for key layout)
TSO Compliance: TSO-C50c
Dimensions: Length behind panel: 6.4"
Rack width: 6.29"
Height: 1.3"
Power Requirements: Supply voltage of 11-33 Vdc; Operating current of 2.2A (13.8V, speaker on) Temperature Range: -20C to +55C
Audio Panel: 3 transceiver inputs
5 receiver inputs
2 unswitched inputs
500 ohm input impedance
60db min input isolation
Intercom: 6 (pilot, copilot, 4 passengers) positions
3 (pilot, copilot, passengers) volume controls
2 (pilot, copilot/passengers) VOX level controls
6 (one per mic input) VOX circuits
2 (one input mutable) music inputs (Stereo)
3 intercom isolation modes (pilot, crew, all)
Headphone Outputs: 3 stereo (pilot, copilot, passengers) output amplifiers
Power: 100 mW per stereo channel, each headset, into 150 ohms with not more than 5% distortion, any normal supply voltage
100 Hz to 15 kHz nom music frequncy response
100 Hz to 6 kHz nom A/C radio frequency
Special cabin noise band de-emphasis on ICS mic
Speaker Outputs: Outputs Selectable: 1 pilot selectable
Output Power: 10 watts into 4 or 8 ohms, any normal supply voltage
Frequency Response: 350 to 6 kHz nom
Special functions: PA Mode, pilot selectable



Part Number Audio Panel Description:
010-00152-03 With details above, helicopter version
010-00152-11 With details above, standard version
010-00152-21 Standard version with dual ADF inputs



- Audio Panel (unit only)
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- Audio Panel w/ Dual ADF Input
Price Condition Status

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Yes, pressing the COM 1/2 button activates the split COM function. When active, COM 1 is dedicated to the pilot for MIC/audio while COM 2 is dedicated to the copilot for MIC/audio. The pilot and copilot can simultaneously transmit in the mode over separate radios. Both pilots can still listen to COM 3, NAV 1, NAV2, DME, ADF, and MKR as selected. The split COM mode is cancelled by pressing the COM 1/2 button a second time.

The GMA-340 has two stereo entertainment inputs, Music 1 and Music 2. Music 1 is soft-muted during all aircraft radio activity and normally during ICS (intercom system) activity. Music 2 is a non-muted input. Two headphone outputs of these devices are used and plugged into Music 1 and Music 2. Two 3.5mm stereo phone jacks should be installed in a convenient location for this purpose.

The GMA-340 was originally manufactured in 3 versions- standard GMA-340, dual ADF GMA-340, and the GMA-340H for helicopters.

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