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Part #: 010-00871-01

Model: GMA-350




Audio Panel System

Part Number :

GMA 350
  • All-Digital Audio Panel 
  • Introduces new features to the cockpit: voice recognition, 3D audio processing, advanced auto squelch and more
  • Intuitive front panel layout with cursor control and volume indicator
  • Six/Seven position intercom: pilot, copilot, four or five passengers
  • Three stereo headset amplifiers: pilot, copilot, and passengers
  • Two stereo music source inputs
  • Five selectable intercom operational modes
  • "Blue-Select" mode allows the pilot to control which headset positions have access to which audio sources
  • Independent pilot, copilot, and passenger volume controls
  • Individual VOX processing for each mic input
  • Automatic selection of radio audio source when corresponding mic is selected
  • Split COMM transceiver function. Copilot may transmit and receive on one COMM while pilot transmits and receives on another
  • Voice recognition
  • Automatic audio adjustment for ambient noise
  • Internal microphone senses ambient noise and adjusts the cockpit speaker volume level accordingly
  • 3D Audio, mimics how the human ear normally hears and understands sound in space. Different audio sources will seem to come from different directions, such as COMM 1 will seem to be coming from the left while COMM 2 may seem to be coming from the right
  • Marker beacon receiver with lamp driver inputs
  • Automatic digital voice recorder is built in and continuously captures the last 2.5 minutes of audio for playback
  • Helicopter Version and Bluetooth Version Available
Dimensions:  6.25"W x 1.30"H x 7.80"D Weight: 2.4 lb
Telephone Interface:  dedicated full-duplex tel interface (no PTT keying required) ICS:  6 to 7 position intercom (individual VOX processing for each mic position)
ICS Isolation Modes: 5 - all, Pilot, Copilot, Crew/Pass, None Transceivers:  2 - COM1, COM2
Additional Receiver Inputs: 5 - NAV1, NAV2, AUX1, AUX2, AUX3  Music Source Input: 2 Stereo Music Source Inputs
Music Input Impedance: Rear pins: 600 Ohms, front panel jack: 5 kOhms Music Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Speaker Output:

28V aircraft - 10W into 4 Ohms, 7W into 8 Ohms; 14V aircraft - 3W into 4 Ohms

PA Function: pilot selectable - requires pressing and holding SPKR button to change state
Marker Beacon: dual sensitivity Manual Squelch: Yes
Automatic Squelch: Yes SmartMute: Yes
Intercom Volume Controls: Yes Manual VOX Level Controls: 1 (shared threshold, individual processing)
MASQ: Yes Split Com: Yes
Failsafe: Yes Clearance Recorder: Yes
Alert/Unswitched Inputs: 5 Front Panel Jack: yes (3.5mm - smartphone compatible)
Front Panel Music Volume Control: Yes (music & telephone volume controls) TSO Authorized: Yes
Part Number Audio Panel Description:
010-00871-00 GMA-350, Unit Only - Catalog P/N
010-00871-01 GMA-350, Standard - Catalog P/N
010-00871-20 GMA-350, Unit Only - Catalog P/N
010-00871-21 GMA-350, Standard - Catalog P/N
011-02385-00 GMA-350 - Actual P/N on Unit
011-02385-20 GMA-350 - Actual P/N on Unit


- Audio Panel System
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3D audio is enabled by pressing and holding the PILOT Key to toggle 3D audio processing on and off for all headset positions. When 3D Audio is enabled, the aural message "3D audio left" is heard in the left ear followed by "3D audio right" in the right ear. If the aural messages are not heard in only the left and then the right ear respectively, the cause may be aircraft wiring or headset settings.

The GMA-350 contains a digital clearance recorder that records up to 2.5 minutes of the selected COM radio signal. Recorded COM audio is stored in separate memory blocks. Once 2.5 minutes of recording time have been reached, the recorder begins recording over the stored memory blocks, starting from the oldest block. To hear the latest recorded audio, press the PLAY button once.

Yes, however stereo headsets are recommended when using the GMA-350. Using a monaural headset in a stereo jack shorts the right headset channel output to ground. While this does not damage the Audio Panel, a person listening on a monaural headset hears only the left channel in both ears. If a monaural headset is used at one of the passenger positions, any other passenger using a stereo headset hears audio in the left ear only.

If there is a failure in the GMA-350 or when power is not applied, a fail-safe circuit connects the pilot's headset and microphone directly to the COM1 transceiver. Audio is not available on the speaker during Fail-safe operation.

Newly Overhauled parts obtained from Garmin are designated with an N in their part number. This usually follows the 010- in the part number. As with most Garmin 010 part numbers, the N part numbers are for ordering purposes only and do not actually appear on the dataplate of the unit.