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Model: GMX-200

Garmin - MFD (Black) w/ Radar/Traffic Interface
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GMX 200
  • Multi Function Display built around the design of the MX 20
  • Bright, high resolution display depicting position awareness, weather, traffic, terrain, charts, and more (see below)
  • Soft keys allow pilot to select between several charting options and easily add or remove details
  • Rotary knob allows for quicker map scale changes and data entry
  • Faster processing speed - 650 Mhz / 256 MB
  • Front loading SD card slot allows for expanded memory and easy chart uploading and updating
  • Includes preloaded, high-resolution terrain and hydrography data for entire world
  • Map scale range from 1/4 mile to 2500 miles
  • Split screen function allows for simultaneous view of two charting options along with vertical profile of terrain elevation (see picture)
  • Optional chartView feature can be added for airport and terminal information
  • May be interfaced to Garmin equipment such as GNS 430 / GNS 530 for GPS position, GDL 69 / GDL 69A / GDL 90 for Datalink, GTX 330 /33 for Traffic, GWX 68 for Radar
  • Radar version also compatible with Bendix/King ART-2000, ART-2100, and RS-181A radar sensors
  • Will interface to many other manufacturers' GPS navigation equipment (list forthcoming)
  • Available in 3 versions: Standard, Traffic, and Radar/Traffic
  • 5 RS-232 ports (1 needed for GPS and altitude; 4 left for other interfaces)
  • Standard System includes installation kit, rack, datacard, and manuals
  • New rack design offers more installation versatility compared to MX 20 - (See Picture)
  • Different shape than MX20 but has same dimensions (See Picture)
  • Improved cooling configuration (See Picture)
  • Upgrading from MX20 involves unscrewing connectors from MX20 rack, checking power (pins 1 & 16) and ground pins (2 & 12), adding APM (3 new pins on 37 pin connector, installing GMX200 rack, attaching connectors, and configuring GMX200 ** NOTE: As of May 2006, the GMX200 is not currently certified for installation into Part 25 aircraft ** SCREEN SHOTS (note: images are large, high resolution pictures) Airspace Depictions Chart Depiction 1 Chart Depiction 2 Graphical NEXRAD 1 Graphical NEXRAD 2 IFR Enroute Chart Sectional Depiction Split Screen Terrain Weather Radar
Catalog P/N:Unit P/N:MFD Description:
010-00483-01 011-01271-00 Standard (Black) MFD
010-00483-11 011-01271-10 Standard (Gray) MFD
010-00486-01 011-01466-00 Standard (Black) MFD w/ Radar interface
010-00486-11 011-01466-10 Standard (Gray) MFD w/ Radar interface
010-00487-01 011-01467-00 Standard (Black) MFD w/ Radar & Traffic interface
010-00487-11 011-01467-10 Standard (Gray) MFD w/ Radar & Traffic interface
010-00571-01 011-01465-00 Standard (Black) MFD w/ Traffic interface
010-00571-11 011-01465-10 Standard (Gray) MFD w/ Traffic interface


- MFD (Black) w/Traffic/Radar
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- MFD (Black) w/ Radar/TAWS
Price Condition Status

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To update your GMX-200 with current databases log in to the website On the flyGarmin website, find the tabs along the top of the screen and follow the steps below:

1. Click the "Aircraft" tab
2. Click "Add an Aircraft" from the right hand side of the page.
3. Fill out all required information: Make, Model, Series, Tail number, Year, Serial Number
4. Click "Add Aircraft"
5. Click on "Add a new aircraft device" under What can I do?
6. Select the make and model of Garmin equipment
7. Enter the System ID or Serial number
8. Click on any of the database names to the left of the picture of your equipment
9. Click the "Buy Databases" button
10. Click "Buy" again
11. Click the "Download Now" button once the database has been purchased
12. On the flyGarmin website, click the "INSTALL" button. The website will automatically start to update your unit.