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Part #: 011-00104-00

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GPS Receiver

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GPS 155
  • IFR Certified for en route and approach
  • Jeppesen database includes airports, VOR's, intersections, Comm frequencies, runways, FSS, MSA, SUA, approaches, and SIDs/Stars
  • Three line vacuum-florescent dot matrix display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 1000 user defined waypoints
  • 20 reversible routes of up to 31 waypoints each
  • Stoarge for 40 character comments on up to 250 waypoints
  • 9 user checklists of up to 30 items each
  • 9 schedules user messages



Emergency Search: 9 nearest airports, VOR's, intersections, or user waypoints; also displays nearest to current position and 2 nearest FSS and freq. Alarms: Arrival, Proximity, Timers, SUA's less than 10 min, 2NM and inside SUA
Receiver: MultiTrac8; Tracks and uses up to 8 satellites to compute amd update position Acquisition Time: 3 minutes
Update Rate: 1/second, continuous Accuracy: 15 meters
Interfaces: Aviation (RS-232, RS-422, ARINC 429 (GAMA),plotting (NMEA 0183 v2.0), CDI/HIS; RMI digital: clock, data); Superflag output; Altitude (serial: Icarus, Shadin-Rosettea; encoded Gillham/Greycode) Map Datums: 124 predefined, 1 user defined
Size: 6.25 x 2 x 5.65 inches   Weight: 1.38 pounds
Certification: TSO C129 Class A1 (enroute, terminal and approach) Display: High intensity, 600 foot Lambert, dot matrix fluorescent
Power Backup: Built-in battery automatically powers unit in case of electric power failure Navigation Features: Search and rescue operation (ladder search), course selection capability via mechanicaland EFIS, HSI, Closest point of appraoch, approach navigation using published approach procedures stored on data crda, terminal naviagtion using SID/STAR from data card
Planning Features: True airspeed, density altitude, winds aloft, RAIM availability, Sunrise/Sunset calculations, and trip, fuel and VNAV planning Dynamics: Velocity: 999 knots Acceleration: 3G
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011-00104-00 GPS Receiver



- GPS Receiver

NSN: 5826-01-601-3146

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For handheld GPS receivers, database updates can be ordered and downloaded directly through Garmin's Internet site.

For panel mount GPS receivers, all database cards and computer downloads (if applicable) must be ordered through Jeppesen. Contact Jeppesen at www.jeppesen.com for more information.

Newly Overhauled parts obtained from Garmin are designated with an N in their part number. This usually follows the 010- in the part number. As with most Garmin 010 part numbers, the N part numbers are for ordering purposes only and do not actually appear on the dataplate of the unit.
No, the GPS-155XL is not a direct replacement for the GPS-155. Both units have the same dimensions and use the same 37 pin and 26 pin connectors. However, some of the pin designations are different between the 2 systems. Minor rewiring would be required.