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Part #: 010-00946-00

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Digital Radar Altimeter

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  • The GRA 5500 can intelligently process hundreds of altitude readings every second and filter out anomalies
  • Smooth altitude tracking and crosscheck data and system integrity
  • All-digital design provides smooth, consistent readout 
  • Meets requirements for Class A TAWS and TCAS II/ACAS II
  • Can serve as an integral part of your Class A TAWS, TCAS II or CAT II ILS solution
  • Designed to work in a multitude of environments, allowing you to go from rough terrain to tree canopies
  • Meets requirements for CAT II ILS operations



UNIT DEPTH:        (with mounting rack and connector): 11.62” (295.2 mm) UNIT Weight:  (with mounting rack): 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Unit Depth: (with mounting rack, connector and configuration module): 12.08” (306.9 mm) Unit Width: (with or without mounting rack): 3.02” (76.7 mm)
OPERATIONAL Temperature:    Range: -55° C to +85° C Altitude RANGE: 55,000 ft maximum
Software Compliance: RTCA/DO-178B Level B Environmental Conditions: RTCA/DO-160F
Supply Voltage: 14/28 VDC. See the Environmental Qualification Form for details on surge ratings and minimum/maximum operating voltages Power Consumption: 13.75 W maximum (0.5 A at 27.5 VDC, 1.0 A at 13.75 VDC)
Transmitter Output: Frequency: 4.25 - 4.35 GHz "Gated" FMCW; Power: 1.0 W nominal Horizontal Velocity:  0 - 200 knots maximum
Altitude Alert Outputs Range: 0 - 2500 ft AGL Altitude Output Time Constant: 0.1 second maximum
Vertical Velocity:  20 ft/sec maximum (up to 100 ft AGL); 25 ft/sec maximum (above 100 ft AGL) Pitch Angle:  ± 20° maximum
Altitude Accuracy: ± 1.5 ft (3 - 100 ft AGL); ± 2 % (> 100 - 2500 ft AGL) Roll Angle:  ± 20° maximum (with published altitude accuracy limits); ± 20° to ± 30° (with ± 20 % altitude accuracy limits throughout entire altitude range)
Typical Mating Circular Connector Weight: 0.13 lbs (0.06 kg) Typical Mating RF Connector Weight (2X):  0.07 lbs (0.03 kg) (weight listed is for 2 connectors)
Part Number: Description:
010-00946-00 Digital Radar Altimeter
011-02537-00 Digital Radar Altimeter







- Digital Radar Altimeter
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