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Part #: 010-00563-00

Model: GTS-850




LRU - unit only (TCAS I)

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GTS-850 TCAS I Garmin Traffic Systems

  • Collision Avoidance System
  • Operates up to 55,000 feet 
  • 250 watts of transmit power
  • Typical active interrogation range of 40 nautical miles in the forward direction
  • TCAS I certified - satisfies all TCAS I collision avoidance criteria
  • Designed for higher-capability cabin class turboprops and business jets
  • For commuter aircraft (those with 10 to 30 passenger seats), TCAS I capability is mandated by the FAA
  • Passive surveillance is provided with available 1090 MHz extended squitter ADS-B "in" capability
  • Generates both aural and visual traffic advisories
  • Expanded aural alerts can specify relative target bearing, relative altitude (above/below) and range
  • Tracks up to 60 traffic targets simultaneously
  • Displays up to 30 intruder threats
  • Selectable horizontal display ranges
  • Interfaces with a variety of compatible MFDs and cockpit displays
  • Selective/directional interrogation reduces frequency congestion
  • High-Speed Data Bus (HSDB) or ARINC 429 interface capability
  • Vertical or Horizontal LRU rack mounting
  • 14/28 VDC power capability
Dimensions: 6.25"W x 2.7"H x 12.7"D Weight: 9 lbs (unit only)
Temperature: -55°C to +70°C Altitude: to 55,000 feet
Power Input:  12 or 28VDC, 40 Watts Max Cooling Input: Integrated
Compliance: RTCA DO-160E, RTCA DO-178B Level C, RTCA DO-254 Level C, TSO-C118, TSO-C166a, DO-197A, DO-260A    


- LRU - unit only (TCAS I)
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