Part #: 010-00962-10

Model: GTS-855

Garmin - TCAS I
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GTS-855 TAS Garmin Traffic Systems
  • Traffic Advisory System
  • Actively Tracks up to 75 targets to 80 nm
  • Satisfies all TCAS I collision avoidance criteria
  • Tracks up to 75 targets simultaneously and can depict up to 30 intruder threats at a time
  • 400 W of nominal power
  • Operates up to 55,000 feet
  • Combines active surveillance with passive (ADS-B) surveillance
  • Offers built-in ADS-B receiver technology which is enabled with installation of a GTX 330 ES "extended squitter" Mode-S transponder (sold separately), or other complementary class of ADS-B "Out" equipment, such as GDL 88 datalink
  • Interfaces with a wide range of displays
  • Generates aural and visual traffic advisories
  • ATC-like spoken audio alerts to help pilots see and respond instantly to potential flight path intrusions
  • Can display traffic symbols and advisories on a variety of compatible display products in the cockpit
  • Variety of antenna configurations
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010-00962-10 see details above


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