Part #: 011-00455-60

Model: GTX-330ES

Garmin - Mode S Transponder w/ Extended Squitter
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  • Same as GTX-330 but includes Extended Squitter (ES) capability for ADS-B compliance capability
  • Solid-state Mode S digital transponder with Level 2 datalink
  • Solid-state transmitter provides 200 watts nominal power output
  • Low power consumption, low heat emission, no warm up time
  • Easy-reading DSTN Liquid Crystal Display reverses yellow numbers out of black for optimal viewing
  • Dedicated VFR button allows for quick and easy 1200/VFR squawking
  • Offers timing functions such as flight time and count-up/down times
  • Outside air temperature (OAT) display (temp input required)
  • Density altitude computations (temp input required)
  • Altitude monitor with voice audio alert
  • Datalink provides Traffic Information Services (TIS) which receive traffic advisories and warnings from ATC to be displayed on MFD or GPS 400, GNC 420, GNS 430, GPS 500, and GNS 530
  • Available with black or gray face
  • Extended Squitter "ES" versions available for ADS-B Out capability (See PN Chart for details)


TSO Compliance: C112, C112d, ETSO-C112d Temperature Range: -20C to +55C
Weight: 4.2 lbs installed w/rack & connectors Power Requirements: 11.0 to 33.0 VDC; Max power input: 27 watts
Altitude: 55,000 feet Transmitter Frequency: 1090 MHz
Transmitter Power: 250 watts nominal Receiver Frequency: 1030 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity: -74 dm nominal for 90% replies Mode A Capability: 4096 ident codes
Mode S Capability: 25 foot increments from -1000 to 62,700 feet Dimensions: 6.25"W x 1.65"H x 11.25"D


Part Number: Description:
011-00455-60 Mode S Transponder w /Extended Squitter, Black Panel Color
011-00455-80 Mode S Transponder w /Extended Squitter, Gray Panel Color


Serial # 84143309
Condition SV
Mods 1-2
Tag Date 09/16/20
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Serial # 84147434
Condition SV
Mods 1,2
Tag Date 07/10/20
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- Mode S Transponder w/ ES
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