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Part #: 010-00294-61

Model: GTX-33DHES




Mode S Transponder (Diversity, Helol)

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  • Remote Mount Mode S Digital Transponder with Diversity & Extended Squitter - H Denotes Helicopter Version
    • Version Options Available - See Part Number Chart below for more Details | See GTX-33 For Complete List
  • IFR certified unit features traffic datalink capability and meets European mandates for Mode S Level 2 surveillance
  • Solid-State Design
  • Delivers up to 250 watts of nominal power output
  • Includes remote ident and auto standby, TIS interface, and altitude monitor with voice alerts
  • With available Extend Squitter (ES), versions of the GTX 33 are a pathway to ADS-B compliance for FAA's proposed Next Gen airspace system
  • Certified to TSO-C166a standards for 1090 MHz extended squitter transmission
  • ES works seamlessly with existing ATC protocols
  • All the features of the standard GTX 33 transponder are retained in the ES version
  • Antenna diversity option is available with GTX 33D versions
  • Traffic data enabled by remote GTX 33 system can be displayed graphically on Garmin's integrated GPS/Comm/Nav systems that provide built-in transponder code selection


Dimensions: 6.29"W x 1.78"H x 11.05"D Weight: 3.3 lbs (unit only)
Display Type: Digital Voltage Range: 11-33
Temperature Range: -45°C to +70°C Altitude: 55,000 feet
Transmitter Frequency: 1090 MHz ± 1 MHz Transmitter Power: 125 Watts min, 250 Watts nom
Receiver Frequency: 1030 MHz Receiver Sensitivity: -74 dBm nom for 90% replies
Mode A Capability: 4096 Ident Codes Mode C Capability: 100' increments from -1000 to 62,700' 25' increments from -1000 to 50,175' w/suitable serial data altitude
Mode S Capability: Selective Ident Codes, Aircraft Type External Suppression Input: Low ≤ 0.5V; High ≥ 8V
External Suppresion Output: Output: min +18V (300 ohm load) & max +23V (2000 ohm load) Audio Output: 4.04 Vrms to 7.85 Vrms into 500 ohm load
Power Input: 22 Watts Typical, 45 Watts Max Max Full TSO Reply Rate; 1200 PRF, Code 7777: 1.6A @ 27.5 Vdc, 3.1A @ 13.75 Vdc
Maximum Quiescent: 0.85A @ 27.5 Vdc, 1.1A @ 13.75 Vdc Squawk Code Selection: Remote entry through CNX 80, GNS 480 or G1000
Solid-State Transmitter: Yes Verbal Alerts: Yes
TIS Alerts Compatible: Yes Outside Air Temperature Display: No
Pressure Altitude Readout:


Altitude Monitor Function: No
Density Altitude Readout: No Built-in Timers: No
Automatic ALT/GND Mode: Yes Diversity: No
Panel-Mounted: No    
Compliance: TSO-C112, Class 2A; RTCA DO-239; ETSO-2c112b, Class 1 Level 2s, Level 2es; TSO-C166a, B0, B1; DO-178B, Level C; DO-254, Level C; ETSO-C166a, B0, B1; ICAO Annex 10, Amendment 77    
Part NumberAudio Panel Description:
010-00294-60 GTX33DH w/ES (Extended Squitter) Unit Only 
010-00294-61 GTX33DH w/ES (Extended Squitter) and Install Kit 
011-00779-61 GTX33DH w/ES - Item PN* 
*Item PN = Actual PN on Unit - DO NOT USE to Place Order*


- Mode S Transponder (Diversity, Helo)
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