Part #: K10-00202-00

Model: K10-00202-00

Garmin - AOA System 14/28V Unheated
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GI-260 System
  • AOA Indicator System
  • Includes GI 260 Indicator, the GAP 26 Probe, and the GSU 25 Air Data Computer
  • 14/28 Volt unheated
  • Provides AOA with a single glance during critical flight phases
  • Intuitive display provides both visual and audible indications of AOA
  • Normalized AOA provides superior performance in all flight phases
  • Works with G3X™ systems with GSU 25 and GAP 26 – just add the indicator
  • Available for installation as a standalone system for GA aircraft
part numberAOA System description:
K10-00202-00 see details above
K10-00202-10 same as above, but 14 Volt heated
K10-00202-20 same as above, but 28 Volt heated


- AOA System 14/28V Unheated
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