Part #: 430-0270-502

Model: MX-20

Garmin - Multifunction Display
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  • PLEASE NOTE: This item has been superseded by GMX-200 product line
  • Multi Function display with 6" diagonal active matrix LCD display readable in sunlight and with wide viewing angle
  • Display utilizes 640 x 480 pixels and over 65000 different color options for high definition images
  • Adjustable display back lighting
  • 6 main opearing functions
  • VFR Charting function reproduces sectional-like charts including airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, user waypoints, special use airspace, ground terrain, and active flight plan
  • IFR Charting function displays enroute IFR map with navaids, airways, airspaces, and active flight plan
  • Terrain Awareness Charting function combines worldwide terrain database with GPS position input to display terrain conflict advisories in four colors (note: not TAWS mandate compliant)
  • Vertical profile terrain image to identify terrain peaks and obstructions relative to the current flight level
  • Lightning function provides full WX-500 compatibility and depicts lightning strikes relative to track of aircraft
  • Custom Overlay Chart View function allows pilot to custom build display by adding some or all of above features into one customized page
  • Flight Plan function provides summary page for active flight plan including bearing, distance, time to all waypoints, as well as additional information for each waypoint
  • Supplied with user replaceable datacard and 3.4 gigabyte internal memory
  • Six high-speed serial I/O ports to communicate with other IIMorrow avionics or other external sensors
  • 8 general purpose inout flags and 2 general purpose output flags
  • TSO'd to TSO-C113 and TSO-C110a
  • Optional traffic interface to Goodrich Skywatch, Ryan TCAD Systems, or Garmin GTX-330 / GTX-330D TIS transponders
  • Optional weather radar interface to Bendix/King ART-2000, ART-2100 and RS-181A (RDS-82) Radar Sensors
  • Chart View option available displays Jeppesen instrument approach charts and airport surface maps (upgrade Sdone through datacard and programmer via PC- chart CD subscription available through Jeppesen)
  • Split-screen feature enables side-by-side displays of any two MX20 charting functions
  • Datalink weather and FIS interface standard; service available via installation of WSI AV-200 Receiver and Inflight subscription
- Click Here to view the various screen pages of the MX20 - Click Here to view the panel layout for the MX20 - Click Here to view the Quick Reference Guide for the MX20


Dimensions: 5.00"H x 6.26"W x 8.00"D Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Input Voltage: 10-40 VDC, reverse polarity protected    Input Power: 40 watts max
Temperature: -20 to 55C Max Altitude: 35000 feet
Part NumberMFD Description:
430-0270-0XX MX20 MFD with GPS
430-0270-5XX MX20 MFD without GPS
430-0270-6XX MX20 I/O Traffic MFD
430-0270-7XX MX20 I/O Traffic/Radar MFD
*XX is determined by the software included with the unit


- Multifunction Display
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