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Model: SL-30




Nav/Comm w/ GS

Part Number :

  • 760 channel VHF comm radio with 200 channel VOR, Glideslope, and Localizer receiver
  • Built-in VOR/Localizer converter
  • VOR receiver displays to/from and radial
  • Digitally decoded OBS setting
  • Sunlight readable full alphanumeric display
  • Automatic detection of back course approach and CDI correction allows "chase the needle" operation
  • Automatic decoding of morse code identifier for VOR or LOC/ILS station
  • Nav interfaces to most CDI (w/ resolver), HSI, and autopilot systems
  • User memory for storage of 16 nav and comm frequencies
  • Built in glideslope receiver will automatically tune the corresponding glideslope paired frequencies when localizer is tuned
  • Displays identifier, radial, and To/From for the station selected
  • Built-in course deviation indicator
  • Conveniently small 1.3" x 6.25" package
  • Allows pilot to select between standard and back course approaches
  • CDI option to annunciate back course approaches available in the future
  • Continuous 8 watts of transmit power
  • Frequency monitor allows pilot to monitor standby frequency when no voice communications on active channel
  • Comm tunes to National Weather Service frequencies
  • Built-in 2 place voice-activated intercom
  • Comm has 12 watt audio amplifier
  • Dedicated Emergency Channel Selector
  • Squelch test function
  • Stuck mic time-out
  • Accepts 10 to 40 VDC input
  • TSO'd
Dimensions: 1.3"H x 6.25"W x 10.5"D Weight: 3.3 lbs.
Transmit Power: 8 watts carrier power (comm) Input Voltage: 10-40 VDC
Temperature: -20 to 55C TSO (Nav): C34e, C36e, C40c
TSO (Comm): C37d, C38d, C128    


- Nav/Comm w/ GS

NSN: 5826-01-564-0657

Price Condition Status
- Nav/Comm w/ GS

NSN: 5821-01-568-4616

Price Condition Status
- Install Kit w/ Rack
Price Condition Status
- Nav/Comm
Price Condition Status

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In relation to NE (New) parts, many OEMs change their prices and availability without any notice to dealers or the industry. Therefore, through the REQUEST or RFQ indication, we ask that customers contact us for the most accurate price and availability.

In relation to SV & OH parts, the used parts aftermarket in the aviation industry is not an infinite supply. It is a dynamic, constantly changing market that is significantly affected by and susceptible to highs and lows in supply and demand. Therefore, although we attempt to, at times, we are unable to predict the exact moment when an item may be available. Once again, through the REQUEST or RFQ indication on our website, we ask that customers contact us for the most current and accurate price and availability.

Yes, SL series radios keep track of the last eight active frequencies and stores them in a stack. Duplicate frequencies are not stored.

Garmin portable devices can be interfaced to the SL-30 and SL-40 for remote frequency loading by using the appropriate bare wires cable. Garmin aviation portable devices have an optional accessory available for it that will allow you to interface it with the SL-30 and SL-40. Additionally, the Interface setting on the Garmin portable should be set to VHF Out. More information on the Garmin portable settings can be found in the appropriate Pilot's Guide.

Frequency Monitoring allows the pilot to listen to the standby frequency while monitoring the active frequency for activity. Press the MON button to listen to the standby frequency.

Newly Overhauled parts obtained from Garmin are designated with an N in their part number. This usually follows the 010- in the part number. As with most Garmin 010 part numbers, the N part numbers are for ordering purposes only and do not actually appear on the dataplate of the unit.