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Part #: 980-4100-EXUN

Model: 980-4100-920




Flight Data Recorder

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  • Universal Flight Data Recorder with ChecStroke
  • A 25 hour, crash-protected digital tape recorder offered in a variety of configurations

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Form Factor: 1/2 ATR Long  Recording Capacity: Min 25 hours at 768 BPS
Weight: Approximately 30 lbs Finish: International Orange
Input Power: 115 Volt/400 Hz, single phase Input Interface (DFDR): ARINC 573/717 data stream from remote FDAU
Input Interace (FDR): Vertical acceleration, Altitude (2), Airpseed (synchro & pneumatic), Heading (synchro), Marker Beacon, 3 discretes or ARINC 573/717 FDAU input Input Interface, Extended Channel (FDR): Same as FDR, plus 7 additional synchro inputs
Tape Format: Blocked incremental, bi-phase encoded, w/768 data BITS, preamble, postamble & IRG Tape Speed: Recording: incremental 5ips = 0.41ips (net), Playback: 5ips
Tape Capacity: 385 feet or 25 hours recording Number of Tracks:  8-track bi-directional, sequential 
Connector Index Pin Code:  In accordance with ARINC No. 573/717 Playback Time: 30 min. (w/copy recorder), 2 hrs. (sequential track transcription)
Environmental Conditions: RTCA DO-160, TSO-C51A Crash Survivability: TSO-C51A
Part NumberFlight Data Recorder Description:
980-4100-AXUS See Diagram
980-4100-BXUN See Diagram
980-4100-DXUN See Diagram 
980-4100-DXUS See Diagram 
980-4100-EMUN See Diagram 
980-4100-EMXN See Diagram 
980-4100-EXUN See Diagram 
980-4100-FMUN See Diagram 
980-4100-FWUS See Diagram 
980-4100-FXUS See Diagram 
980-4100-GMUN See Diagram 
980-4100-HXUN See Diagram 
980-4100-RQUS See Diagram 


- Flight Data Recorder
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