Part #: MI-585224

Model: AP-3001

Honeywell - Radar Antenna
Part Number :

  • Radar antenna pedestal used in Primus 300SL Radar System
  • Normally equipped with 12" flat-plate phased array but 18" flat-plate also available
  • Switch provided to stop antenna scanning during testing
  • Provides line-of-sight stabilization
  • Pedestal configuration available with waveguide mating flange and main connector on upper side of pedestal (see table below)
  • Pedestal available with flange and connector on bottom of pedestal (see table below)
  • Models available with either +-25 or +-30 degree stabilization (see table below)
Dimensions: 9.17"W x 9.06"H x 5.438"D (figures do not include flat plate) Weight: 7.4
TSO: Category D2AJXXXXXXXABBBB, Class 7    
Part NumberRadar Antenna Description:
MI-585224 Waveguide up, +-25 deg. stabilization
MI-585224-1 Waveguide down, +-25 deg. stabilization
MI-585224-2 Waveguide up, +-30 deg. stabilization
MI-585224-3 Waveguide down, +-30 deg. stabilization


- Radar Antenna
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As of January 2010, the only Multi Function Displays that are compatible with the Primus 300 or Primus 400 radar systems are the Honeywell MFRD and the Universal MFD-640. For pricing and additional information on these MFDs, please submit an RFQ to SEA today.