Part #: 7511900-99001
Model: AV900

Honeywell - Audio Panel
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  • Digital audio system
  • Includes the exclusive AV-850A one mHz audio bus and also a five mHz microphone/control bus
  • All functions are digitized including the pilot to co-pilot intercom
  • Ten microphones
  • Twenty audios
  • Digital audio bus (1 MHz)
  • Digital microphone/control bus (5 MHz, bi-directional)
  • Digital interphone
    • Independent pilot, cabin and ground intercom
  • Aural warning on digital audio bus
  • Not installed message for options
  • Bezel and software changes to add new functions
  • No mechanical adjustments
  • Eight simultaneous AV-900s for special mission aircraft
    • Independent interphones
  • AVL- Automatic volume leveling
    • Aural warnings and passenger address levels are compensated for aircraft ambient noise
    • Is on ASCB and uses data from the bus to match the audio level to the aircraft
  • Aural annunciations
    • Instead of chimes or tones, is capable of using other sounds such as voice for annunciations of things like incoming calls
    • Sounds may be put on FONE for people not in the aircraft
  • CVR Control
    • Eliminating the CVR controller and CVR headphone jack
  • CVR Auto Test
    • Two tests are performed
    • Option may be purchased without the integrated CVR control
    • Loop Test - AV-900 makes a close loop test by generating tones of power up from the aircraft speaker. The area microphone sends the tone to the CVR and CVR back to the AV-900
    • Self Test - AV-900 puts CVR into self test at power up and AV-900 decodes the PASS/FAIL tone from CVR audio. CAS message is issued if FAIL
  • Auto/Mask - Boom/mask
    • Automatically selects the oxygen mask microphone when there is oxygen flow
    • Reduces pilot workload during an emergency
    • Selective call may be enabled without adding an LRU
    • Becomes a dual installation without extra cost
  • Telephony
    • Handsets are not needed in the cockpit
    • Features include ringing, pick-up, hang-up, on-hold, conference call and transfer call
    • Dialing is performed by the MCDU/EFIS or CellPad
Weight: 3.5 lbs. Dimensions: 3.3" H x 5.7" W x 6" L
Speaker Output: 10W into 4 ohms Intercom Bandwidth: 100 - 6000 Hz
Radio Bandwidth: 300 - 3000 Hz Temperature: -55 to +70°C
Vibration: Helicopter
Part NumberDigital audio System Description:
7511900-90301 AV-900 Grey, G450/550, Replaces -901/-903
7511900-90302 AV-900
7511900-92501 AV-900 Grey, EMB170/190, Replaces -921/-925
7511900-92502 AV-900
7511900-94101 AV-900 Grey, F900EX/F2000 EASY, Replaces -941
7511900-94102 AV-900
7511900-94501 AV-900
7511900-98201 AV-900 Black, AB-139, Replaces -982
7511900-98202 AV-900 Black, AB-139, Fone feature
7511900-98401 AV-900 Black, AB-139 (NVIS)
7511900-98601 AV-900
7511900-98602 AV-900


- Audio Panel
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SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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