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Model: DA-1203A




Radar Antenna

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  • Bendix Radar Antenna Drive Unit used with various Bendix 3-piece, higher power color and monochrome radar systems
  • Motor driven with line-of-sight stabilization
  • Selectable scans of 120 deg. or 60 deg. sector
  • Mates with 10,12, or 18 inch flat-plate phase arrays
  • Models available with standard or inverted mounting and standard mounting with counterbalance for high vibration (see table below)



Antenna Scan Rate: 24 deg. / second Weight: 10“=7.4 lbs.; 12“=7.6 lbs.; 15“=9.5 lbs.; 18“=11.7 lbs. (approx.)
Stabilization Type: Line-of-Sight Stabilization Range: Manual tilt +-15 deg.; 120 deg. Scan= +-30 deg. combined pitch, roll and tilt
Stabilization Accuracy: +-1 deg. Antenna Gain: 12"=28.5 dB; 15"=30.6 dB; 18"=31.5 dB
Pressurization: None required TSO: C63b DO-138 Env. Cat. AAJAAXXXXXX
Part Number: Description:
4000504-0301 Standard mounting with features as listed above
4000504-0302 Inverted mounting with features as listed above
4000504-0303 Standard mounting with counterbalance for high vibration


- Radar Antenna

NSN: 5985-01-009-2872

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- Radar Antenna
Price Condition Status

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No, the AA-1218A, AA-4518A, and AA-5518A can be used with any version of the DA-1203A. However, it is recommended to use the 4000504-0303 (common) or 4000504-0307 (Canadian military) versions of the DA-1203A when an 18 inch array is used in a high vibration environment.
The DA-1203A can be returned to service as inspected or repaired by SEA, following instructions provided by the current DA-1203A maintenance manual.

If the DA-1203A is to be installed into a Eurocopter, according to the Eurocopter Service Bulletin (AS365 34.00.29), it is recommend that the unit be inspected per the Telephonics Service Letter (SL-T-08-0001, April 2008). The service letter has been incorporated into the current DA-1203A Maintenance Manual. The maintenance manual recommends that the unit be inspected for preventive maintenance every 3 years or 3000 hours whichever comes first.

SEA complies with the DA-1203A maintenance manual, and in turn complies with the inspection procedure cited in the Eurocopter Service Bulletin.