Part #: 2594733-200

Model: FA-200

Honeywell - Flag Amplifier
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  • Receives low level valid signals from both localizer and glideslope NAV receivers and converts into high level signals (28VDC to ground)
  • Provides high level output required on autopilots and flight director systems
  • Enclosed unit with flanges for mounting on flat surfaces
  • Furnishes a relay controlled low level signal which can be used for display biasing
  • Amplifier components contained on printed wiring board, utilizing a harness for input-output connections


Weight: 1.0 lbs. Dimensions: 2.11"H x 3.97"W x 5.65"L
Power Requirements: 26VAC +-10%, 400 +- 20Hz single phase, 20 ma max Output Signal: VOR/LOC or GS = 28VDC, 200ma max
Part Number Flag Amplifier Description:
2594733-200 see details above


Serial # 79121061
Condition SV
Mods None
Tag Date 04/25/16
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- Flag Amplifier

NSN: 5895-01-030-3790

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