Part #: 4000965-0201

Model: IN-1302A

Honeywell - Monochrome Radar Indicator
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  • Monochrome Radar Indicator used in RDR-1300 radar system
  • Provides continuous non-fading display of weather, ground targets or beacon transponder replies with area scanned by radar antenna
  • Electronically generated reference marks on each side of zero heading assist in determining azimuth bearing of targets
  • Display includes alphanumeric on-screen readout of selected mode, range, and range mark intervals
  • Display can be stopped for evaluation of data by switching to "hold" position
  • Selectable ranges of 2.5,5,10,20,40,80,160, or 240 NM.
  • Backlighted controls
  • Models available with magnetic shield dust cover (see table below)
  • Models available with 5 and 28 Vdc red or white panel lighting (see table below)
  • Model available with gray or black face (see table below)


Dimensions: 6.25" x 6.25" x 10.37" Weight: 7.8 or 9.8 lbs.
Pressurization: None required TSO: CAPAAAXXXXXX, Class 7
Part NumberMonochrome Radar Indicator Description:
4000965-0201 28V white lighting, black face
4000965-0202 5V white lighting, black face
4000965-0203 28V white lighting, black face, magnetic shield dust cover
4000965-0204 5V white lighting, black face, magnetic shield dust cover
4000965-0205 5V red lighting, black face
4000965-0206 28V red lighting, black face
4000965-0207 5V white lighting, gray face, magnetic shield dust cover
4000965-0208 5V white lighting, gray face


- Monochrome Radar Indicator
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