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Model: KDR-610




XM Satellite Receiver

Part Number :

KDR 610 XM Weather Satellite Receiver
  • Datalink weather receiver with high-speed textural and graphical weather
  • Provides real-time weather information to general aviation aifrcraft via XM satellite radio
  • System is comprised of three hardware components: the KDR 610 receiver, a cockpit display and an antenna (not included with receiver)
  • Interfaces with Bendix/King KMD-250, KMD-550, and KMD-850 Multi-Function Displays (MFDs)
  • Provides XM Satellite Radio weather to any altitude, including coverage on the ground, anywhere in the continental US
  • Allows the pilot to overlay the active flight plan on all graphical weather images and pan and zoom into specific areas of interest
  • The MFD displays data in textual or graphic format so that entire files are sent and received in seconds
  • The KMD-250, KMD-550, and KMD-850 automatically update with the latest information even when the MFD is not being viewed
  • Available weather products include composite NEXRAD radar, graphical METARs, AIRMETS and SIGMETS, as well as textual METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs
  • The current DB25 interconnect to the existing KDR-510 will be replaced with a DB37 connector
  • An adapter bracket will be provided so the unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • The KMD systems will interface to either a KDR 510 or KDR 610, but not in the same installation
  • Expected to be available for delivery in January 2007
  • Complete continental US coverage
  • High bandwidth capability
  • Timely, graphical weather in the cockpit
  • Joystick operation to pan and zoom
  • Automatic update while you fly
Size: 1.82 x 6.46 x 7.80 Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Power Requirements: 10.0 to 32.2 VDC Current: 0.4 A Nominal, 0.8 A Max
Operating Temp: -55C to +70C Mounting Flexibility: Horizontal or Vertical


- XM Satellite Receiver
Price Condition Status
- FIS Datalink System (w/o KAC-503)
Price Condition Status

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No, as of February 2007, Honeywell has not announced any promotions to offer any trade-in value for the KDR-510 VHF datalink receivers towards the purchase of the KDR-610 XM datalink receiver.
Database cards 071-00161-0201, 071-00161-0202, and 071-00161-0203 are the latest available versions for the KMD-550 and KMD-850 Multifunction displays. The -020X versions correct a problem with the KMD-550/850 displaying certain airports properly when interfaced to the KDR-610 datalink receiver.
KMD-540 datacards with P/N 071-00161-020X include a major software change to allow the unit to interface to the KDR-610 XM weather receiver. To enable the KMD-540 to accept a software change, Pin 17 on J3001 must be tied to ground. Attempting to upgrade the software from 01/XX to 02/XX without the upgrade enable pin grounded will result in the message:

"An upgrade has been found, but this unit is not strapped to allow the upgrade to take place. Switch the unit off and either strap the unit to allow the upgrade or re-insert the original version of software."

For complete information, refer to Honeywell SWB KMD 540-SW1 or contact the Southeast Aerospace Technical Team.