Part #: 990-3138-000

Model: M1090




CVR Adapter/Mixer

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  • CVR Adapter that operates a differential summing amplifier for combining microphone, communications, intercom and paging audio into one isolated output to the CVR
  • Features three biased MIC inputs, three Bias Disable inputs, three AUX inputs, and transformer coupled output to the CVR
  • Transformer coupled output stage can handle wiring runs to CVR as long as 200 feet


Nominal SuPply Voltage: +28VDC Operating Range: 18V to 32V
Current Draw: 150mA dc max; 1 Amp or less suggested (circuit breaker) MIC Input Impendence: 450 Ohms from 150Hz to 6 kHz (bias enabled); >or=5K Ohm from 150Hz to 6kHz (bias disabled)
MIC Input Level: 150mV rms for 500mV rms out MIC Input Bias: +16Vdc behind 940 Ohms,
AUX Input Impedance: >or=100k Ohm from 150Hz to 6kHz AUX Input Level: 2.0V rms for 500 mV rms out
Bias Disable Control: Diode isolated, internally pulled up to 16V dc thru 10k Ohms. Pull below +8V dc to turn bias off, float above +12V dc to turn bias on Output Impedance:
Rated Output: 500mV rms from 150Hz to 6kHz Output Load Impedance: 5k ohms (suggested)
Frequency Response: +3,-3 dB from 200Hz to 6kHz Referenced to 1kHz at 500mV rms output into 5k Ohms load Distortion:
Output Noise: >60dB below 500mV rms output MIC Inputs Max Gain: AV=3.33 (10.5dB)
AUX Inputs Max Gain: AV=.25 (-12.0dB) Case Style: Rectangular with flat plate for hard mounting
Case Size: 3.5"W x 1.54"H x 2.5"D Weight: .3 lbs


- CVR Adapter/Mixer
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