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Part #: 965-1227-003

Model: MKXXI




965-1227-005 EGPWS (Class B)

Part Number :


  • Helicopter Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
  • Enhanced Features: - Detailed Terrain Database - Obstacle Database - Airports & Heliports - Look Ahead Algorithms - Terrain Alerting - Obstacle Alerting - Enroute Terrain Display (Peaks) - Pop-up Feature - Auto Ranging Feature - Geometric Altitude - Enhanced Envelope Modulation - Speed Expansion - Internal GPS Card
  • Display Interfaces: - WX Radar Indicator - MFD - Standalone Display

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Packaging: Non-ARINC Size: 3.95"H x 2.20"W x 3.25"L
Weight: 1.5 lbs Max. Power Requirements: 10-32 VDC, 8 watts normal operation
Cooling: Per ARINC 600-6 forced air cooling not required Environmental: Meets RTCA DO-160D
MTBF: 15,000 operating hours Software: Meets RTCA DO-178B Level C & D
TAWS Certification: Designed & certified to TSO-C151a, Class B, TAD functions are tailored uniquely to helicopter flight profiles Data Loader: Databases updated via replacement Compact Flash Card Software updated via removable Compact Flash Card
Configuration: Programmable personality module    
Part Number EGPWS Description:
066-01227-0101 EGPWS computer; original production unit
066-01227-0205 EGPWS computer; current production unit w/improved software/features


- EGPWS Class B
Price Condition Status

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In April 2006, Honeywell announced that the Sandisk flash card used in the database card for the MKXXI EGPWS was being replaced with a new flash card manufactured by Smart Modular Technologies.

This new database card will only work with MKXXI units with Mod or Service Bulletin 3 incorporated. This Service Bulletin consists of replacing the Processor Card Board in the unit.

As Honeywell considers this a product improvement, the cost to incorporate these mods is approximately $2500 and must be performed at the factory.

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