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Part #: 4004437-903

Model: RT-220H




Radar Altimeter R/T

Part Number :

  • Radar altimeter transceiver utilized in AA-200 Radio Altimeter System
  • High resolution, short pulse radio altitude system
  • Provides an absolute altitude display from 0 to 2500 feet
  • Version -901 provides a trip switch output for altitudes of 50, 250 & 1250 feet
  • Version -902 (RT-221) provides the same trip switch outputs as -901, with the addition of a trip point at 400 feet
  • Version -903 (RT-220H) has an output memory of 3 seconds
  • All versions are out of production



Dimensions: 7.53"D x 10.96"W x 4.16"H Weight: 7.0 lbs max
TSO: C-87, AAAAAX Power Requirements: 21-31 VDC, 1.5 amps max
Temperature: -54°C to +55°C operation -62°C to +71°C storage Altitude: 0 to 45,000 ft
Peak Power Output: 70 watts nominal RF Freq.: 4.3 GHz
Operation Altitude: 0-2500 ft. IF Freq.: 60 MHz
Part Number: Description:
4004437-901 RT-220, Trip points: 50, 200, 1250 ft, Radar Altimeter
4004437-902 RT-221, Trip points: 50, 200, 400, 1250 ft, Radar Altimeter
4004437-903 RT-220H, Trips points as -901, Output Memory of 3 seconds, Radar Altimeter


- Rad. Alt. R/T
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